What Are The Functions Of Aircon Compressor

The functions of an aircon compressor are not just limited to compressing the air, as many people believe them to be. It can perform a whole range of other functions as well. All these functions work together to make the environment pleasant and liveable for everyone in extreme weather. So, we can say that the compressor is the heart of the whole aircon unit.

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Today, we will take a look at some of these compressor functions so that you know what to expect from an aircon and where your money is going.

The Functions Of Aircon Compressor?

To understand an aircon compressor’s function, let’s look at how an aircon works. It works by drawing in hot air, compressing it, increasing its temperature, and releasing the same air after it has cooled it.

The essential functions of the aircon compressor become apparent from looking at the general function of the aircon itself. That is a compressor takes in hot air from inside the room, compresses it so that its temperature rises, and releases it so that hot air comes out.

Some of the functions it performs during this process include:

1.   Raising The Temperature Of The Air

The compressor takes in the air from the inside and compresses it to raise its temperature. Once the temperature has risen, it pushes the hot compressed air out. As this air comes out, it comes in contact with the air from the outside running in pipes in close contact with the pipes having the internal air.

During this contact, the inside air transfers heat to the outside air.  The inside air gets cooled down and makes its way to the evaporating coils, and the hot outside air goes out. Thus, one of the functions of the aircon compressor is to raise the temperature of the inside air so that it can be propelled to come in contact with the outside air, and heat transfer can act.

2.   Raising The Pressure Of The Air

During the process of compressing the air, the compressor also increases the pressure of the air.  The rise in this pressure allows the air to be pushed with force to the evaporator to transfer the heat.

The rise in this pressure is essential because the effective push to the evaporator can only occur through rising the air. The hot air inside the aircon is called refrigerant.  The compressor moves this refrigerant through the aircon so that it can cool down and can cool the room.

Effects Of Compressor Malfunction

We can guess the effects of the malfunction from this discussion. If the compressor malfunctions, the aircon can not compress the air from the room and can not push the compressed air out to the evaporator. This results in defective cooling of the inside air; thus, the aircon can not produce an excellent cooling effect.


Thus, you know the function of the aircon compressor. Aircon compressors raise the temperature, and the pressure of the inside air is called the refrigerant. Once the temperature and pressure are high enough, the air is sent out to the evaporator so that heat transfer can occur.

This heat transfer allows the cooling down of the inside air and moves this cool air outside. Thus compressors are a critical part of the aircon unit, and their proper function is essential to make the aircon unit work effectively.

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