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Established in 2015

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Established in 2015, PS Home Maintenance Pte Ltd  / PS Aircon Service is a professional aircon service provider, providing comprehensive aircon servicing in different parts of Singapore.

Our range of aircon services includes aircon installation, aircon gas refilling or top-up solutions, and aircon troubleshooting.

We are a team of 25 people helping both businesses and homeowners handle various aircon overhauls and help services.

Because good air conditioning provides general comfort and helps those suffering from allergies, asthma, and other serious health issues, it’s our goal to keep delivering unmatched aircon installation and aircon repair services to our customers in Singapore.

Our team members come to work every day, working together to achieve one common goal: satisfying the needs of every customer. That might sound like a cliché. But we are so good at what we do that we have a track record of excellent services and a large database of satisfied customers. So, be assured you’ve come to the right place!

Our service pricing and rates are also affordable and competitive. This is because we believe everyone should be comfortable living in their homes and working in their workspaces.

Now that you’ve checked us out, look at our service offerings, such as aircon service, aircon servicing, aircon chemical wash, aircon overhaul, aircon installation, aircon gas top up, aircon repair, and aircon troubleshooting; you won’t be disappointed!

For a fast service or to schedule a quick consultation call, or email us at support@acservice.sg

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