Things to Know Before Installing Aircon in Office

5 Things to Know Before Installing Aircon in Office

Installing Aircon in office is an essential thing in the summer days. A cool and refreshing environment is better for rest, relaxation, and mental and physical health. If you are at work, it can help maximize your productivity and reduce stress. If you use aircon in your home or office, you can get a comfortable environment to enjoy your time.

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Imagine shivering in the cold or sweating in the hot weather; you can never be comfortable. Therefore, aircon is necessary, but what you need to know before installing an aircon in your room is more important. Thus, this article will explain all the essential aspects you need to know before installing an aircon.

Five Essential Things that You Need to Know Before Installing Aircon in Office

In this section, we will focus on the five vital things you need to know before installing aircon in the office. You should go through these five points to enhance your knowledge before you begin the installation process.

1.      Type of Aircon

Several types of aircon are available in the market; each has pros and cons. We will go through primary aircon types and their basic advantages to help you select the right one for your premises.

Window Aircons

As the name suggests, the window aircon is installed so that half of the unit remains outside while half is inside the window. These air conditioners are easy to install, low-cost, and suitable to cool one area. However, they make a lot of noise and are not efficient.

Split System Aircons

These are the most used Air Cons and contain one indoor and one outdoor unit. Both units are linked via pipes. These ACs are suitable for most houses because they are easy to install, affordable, and efficient. However, their external unit is noisy, and these air conditioners are not easily movable.

Duct System Aircons

Duct system air conditioning consists of an outdoor and indoor unit hidden above a false ceiling, so it is well protected, and the aesthetics of the space remain intact. These air conditioners are also easy to install and available at an affordable cost.

2.      Size of the Aircon

Once you select the aircon type, explore the market and enlist the available sizes of your desired Air Cons. Analyze these sizes by comparing them with your needs. Choose the aircon size wisely, keeping in mind the next ten to twelve years.

Usually, 0.12 to 0.15 kW per square meter of air conditioning is enough to maintain the desired temperature. You should calculate the room size and choose a standard aircon size closest to your needs.

3.      The Best place for Aircon Installation

The place where you install the aircon unit is essential in determining its efficiency in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable place for your aircon. Please select a location for your aircon where the distance between the indoor and outdoor units is minimal.

Ideally, the distance between the aircon units should be less than 20 meters. In addition to that, a place where the doors and windows do not usually open frequently is suitable for aircon installation.

4.      Cost Factor

Everyone wants aircon at the office, but the cost factor does not allow it to happen. Multiple cost factors are involved in the aircon choice that is elaborated below:

Price of the Aircon Unit

The price of the aircon unit is an essential factor in the choice of an aircon. Most people rate the cost factor as the deciding factor for an aircon selection. If you explore the market and discover that two different Air Cons meet your requirements, one is costlier than the other; you will always choose the inexpensive unit for some extraordinary reason.

Installing Aircon in Office

Operating Cost

Operating cost directly depends on the energy consumption of the unit. You should know the power rating of the aircon and match it with your financial limits or the budget you are ready to sacrifice for the aircon installation. Therefore, after comparing your requirements, choose an aircon with low energy consumption and hence a lesser operating cost.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance of an aircon is necessary at least once a year and is also subject to aircon usage. However, some units require more maintenance than others, and you will find the right one for you by exploring the market.

5.      Reliability of the Aircon Unit

The aircon you select for your office must be long-lasting and highly efficient. If the aircon is unreliable, it will create operational issues now and then to keep you busy in the aircon. You will never feel comfortable with that kind of aircon.

Moreover, the indoor unit of the aircon is responsible for spreading cool and clean air inside the room. If the aircon quality is not good, it can affect your health and cause certain airborne issues.


Installing aircon in the office is essential, but knowing about the important factors related to the aircon is more important. These factors play a crucial role in the future aircon operation, and the results depend on an efficient operation.

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