Aircon Servicing in Yishun

The unforgiving Singaporean climate calls for a dependable air conditioning system, and that’s where we excel. PS Aircon Service offers aircon servicing in Yishun for those seeking professional services. With years of experience under our belt, we are the ideal choice for all your cooling requirements!

Our Services

1. Routine Maintenance

Our proficient team offers aircon servicing to keep your aircon operating at its prime all year round. Our regular maintenance services include filter cleaning, refrigerant leak checks and a meticulous inspection of all components.

2. Troubleshooting and Repairs

If your aircon is acting up, our experts are ready to diagnose and rectify issues promptly. No matter if it is unusual sounds or leaks from the unit, you can always count on us for effective solutions. 

3. Chemical Cleaning

Accumulation of dirt and dust in aircon coils can occur over time. This may lead to a decrease in air quality and performance of the aircon unit. Ensure that your aircon delivers clean air 24/7 with our chemical cleaning service!

4. Replacement and Installation

Want to replace or install a new unit? Trust our installation services to ensure efficient operation from day one. 

Why Choosing Professional Aircon Services Is Important

Choosing professional aircon services is critical to extending the lifespan of your air conditioner. Our technicians come equipped with years of experience in handling various systems. This wealth of knowledge enables them to offer you comfort and peace of mind with their effective solutions. 

Safety is a top priority, and DIY aircon servicing can be risky. Our professionals are not only well-versed but also trained, ensuring a fuss-free experience. 

Regular servicing is the secret to enhancing your aircon’s energy efficiency, performance and lifespan. It can even lead to long-term savings on your energy and electricity bills!

Get in Touch With Us for Aircon Servicing in Yishun

Looking for aircon servicing in Yishun?

In a tropical climate like Singapore, the heat can be unbearable, especially if your aircon is down. Our seasoned team is committed to ensuring that your aircon functions optimally to deliver cool air to your space. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more about our aircon servicing in Yishun.

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