The Best Aircon Temperature for Night Sleep

What Is The Best Aircon Temperature for Night Sleep

According to the experts, the best Aircon temperature for night sleep is 25C, which may vary from person to person. Night’s sleep is best for the body, nerves, and skin health. A person having a balanced night’s sleep has balanced health and a healthy mind. Therefore, the importance of aircon for night sleep becomes the center of attention. 

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The best night sleep temperature depends on geographical, environmental, and personal constraints. In high-temperature areas, you may need to set the aircon at a low temperature, while in colder regions, the thermostat temperature will need to rise. This article explains all the aspects of aircon from the perspective of night sleep. 

Factors Associated with Night Sleep using Aircon


Closure of Gates and Windows 

Closure of gates and windows is essential before starting the aircon, which helps to maintain the room temperature abruptly.

Set Temperature to Descending Order 

Set temperature to descending order. It should gradually decrease. When the aircon starts temperature should be on 27c, then reduce it according to desire until you get the desired aircon temperature for sleeping.

Increase Temperature When You Fall A sleep 

When you start the AIRCON, you gradually decrease the temperature when you feel cold, then at least when you are ready to sleep, you should increase the temperature by one or two degrees.

This practice ensures a comfortable sleep, and we can say that it will be an Ideal aircon temperature for sleeping.

Automatic Aircon

An automatic aircon mode can be used, with a temperature sensor that detects the room temperature, and according to the room temperature, it increases or decreases the temperature as per need. 

An automatic aircon has a timer or relay that can be automatically turned off and turned on. We can set a timer to provide the best ac temperature for sleeping.

Ideal Aircon Temperature for Sleeping

The ideal aircon temperature depends on personal choices. This temperature also alters with geographical relocation. Generally, 25-degree C is considered the perfect aircon temperature for night sleep.

Risks of Sleeping in an Air-conditioned Room 

There are some risks involved in using your aircon if you don’t do maintenance and service of Ac twice a year. This ignorance will cause airborne contaminants such as dust mites, volatile organic compounds, and pet dander. Additional irritants may include mold, pollen, and bacteria. The presence of these harmful creatures causes different diseases, and sleep will not be comfy.

Benefits of Sleeping in an Air-conditioned Room 

There are a lot of benefits to sleeping with AC. Proper cleaning of the filter will make the air pure with no dust, pollen, microbes, or bacteria. People with asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues can sleep comfy with AC because of its clean, cool air.

Best Aircon Temperature for Sleeping in Singapore 

In Singapore, the temperature is always high. Due to humidity, you can’t feel comfortable without Aircon. Aircon can maintain the temperature for you to sleep properly. But if you want to get deep sleep at night, you need to get an Aircon temperature at an optimum level.

Experts recommend that 25C centigrade room temperature is the best Aircon temperature for night sleeping. Therefore, setting your aircon to this temperature will help you enjoy a sound sleep.

The Best Aircon Temperature

Why 25 Centigrade is the Ideal Aircon Temperature for Night Sleeping?

Experts find that if you set the Aircon temperature between 23 to 24 degrees Celsius and keep the air humidity level at 60 % or near to that, it will give you a very comfortable environment for sleeping. At this temperature, your body’s internals neither feels very cold nor very hot, and your body will be relaxed.

Temperature Below 25 

That means you will have the desired comfort and help you get a deep sleep without any issues. If you keep the temperature below this, you will feel cold, and coldness can induce urination and cause flu and allergy. That means you would have to go to the bathroom again and again for urination, disturbing your sleep. If you get the flu, it will not suit your health.  

Temperature at 25

But if you set your Aircon temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, you will not feel too cold and will not experience urination quickly. Other than this, if you get comfortable sleep and don’t wake up again and again at night, you will have a more refreshed condition in the morning, and you will be able to have a much better working capability on a subsequent day. 


For quality sleep and to keep viewing health conditions, we have to set the best Aircon temperature for night sleep which is about 25 centigrade. At this temperature, a person can enjoy Comfortable sleep. This temperature makes earlier fall asleep, and it also improves sleep efficiency. Because of the very high temperature in Singapore, this temperature gives us quality sleep, which refreshes our body, mind, and complete health system.

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