Aircon Is Not Cold

7 Reasons Why The Aircon Is Not Cold & How To Fix It

It’s been a hot summer, and we are all feeling the heat. But it is not just the heat that is making everything so uncomfortable these days. It is also the fact that air conditioners are not working. Aircon is one of those things we take for granted until it stops working, but what happens when our A/C starts to malfunction?

Aircons are made up of two main components, the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is connected to your home’s electrical power supply while the outdoor unit is directly connected to your home’s water supply so that it can produce cold air through condensation. 

If either one of these components fails, it will affect how well your air-conditioner works, causing it to either not cool at all or to cool poorly. Here are various reasons why the aircon is not cold, seven of them are below.

7 Reasons Why The Aircon Is Not Cold

1. Improper Thermostat Settings.

Check if the thermostat settings need to be set and then modify. Make sure it’s set to “cool” and not “off.” Also, ensure that the thermostat is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.6 degrees Celsius) and above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). 

2. No Refrigerant:

For the aircon to be able to cool the room, it must have a refrigerant that will absorb heat from the room and transfer the heat to your home’s outdoor unit or condenser. If there is no refrigerant in your aircon, then there is no way for it to work.

3. Faulty Power Unit:

Another reason why your aircon must not be cooling is that its power unit must be faulty. First, make sure that your Aircon unit has power. You can do this by turning off all of the breakers in your home and then turning them back on, one at a time until you find which breaker causes the unit to stop working. If none of them affect it, you may have an issue with wiring or something else outside of the AC unit itself.

4. Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit Breaker

Check to make sure there isn’t a blown fuse by removing covers from the unit and looking for a small glass tube with a white or silver-colored filament inside. A blown fuse will look like a blackened piece of wire with no filament inside. And if you see one, replace it with a new one of the same size.

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5. Faulty Heat Pump:

The reason for your aircon not working is a damaged heat pump. The heat pump is responsible for cooling your home as well as heating it during the winter months. If your heat pump is damaged, then it’s likely that your air conditioner will not work properly.

6. Ice in The Condenser:

Ice build-up occurs when water condenses on the inside of your aircon, freezes, and turns into a block of ice. This is especially common during the winter months when there’s less humidity in the air.

The problem with this block of ice is that it will eventually crack off and fall into your air ducts. Where it can clog up the system and make your unit stop working entirely.

7. Filter Clogging

filter clogging can be a reason that your aircon is not cold. If it’s dirty, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or brush. If you see any debris in there, use tweezers to remove it. Once you’re done cleaning the filter, put it back in place and plug in your air conditioner.

Fixing The Aircon Problems:

1. Clean The Filters

If the filters are dirty or clogged, you can clean them yourself with the help of a brush or simply wash them. If not, then call a technician to do it for you.

Why The Aircon Is Not Cold

2. Change The Refrigerant Charge

This involves having a technician come out and check out your equipment before adding new gas charges that will help keep things running smoothly.

3. Replace the Power Unit

The voltage should read between 115 and 125 volts if it’s working properly. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to replace it with a new one (this can be purchased at most hardware stores).

4. Change the Fuse

You should check your circuit breaker and make sure it’s working properly. If it is, then there is some problem with the fuse. Consequently, you should replace the fuse to keep your aircon working.

5. Fix Fins On Your Condenser Coil

To fix this issue, use a screwdriver or similar tool to straighten out any bent fins or replace any missing ones with new ones from an auto parts store. 

Final Thoughts!

So far we have concluded that air conditioning systems are designed to keep the temperature of your space at a comfortable level. However,  there can be several reasons for its malfunctioning. In the above sections, I have mentioned the most common reasons that can lead to your aircon not working properly. 

You can try the solutions to overcome the problems and the air conditioner then adjusts its settings to work perfectly. I hope that you must have gotten all the relevant information if your Aircon is not cold from this article. However, without experimenting yourself, make sure to let your Aicon be checked by a professional!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why  My Aircon Is Not Cold?

The most common reason for an aircon not to be cold is a dirty filter. If the filter is clogged with dust and dirt, it will restrict airflow and decrease your unit’s ability to cool effectively. If you don’t clean your filter regularly (at least twice a year), you could get mold growth on it or even damage the compressor motor.

Does A Dirty Filter Cause My Aircon To Leak Water?

A clogged filter can cause your aircon to leak water through its drain hose if it’s not functioning properly. If you notice any water coming out of this hose, call a professional electrician immediately so he can come out and assess the situation.

How Can I Tell If My Condenser Is Dirty?

These are the indicators of a faulty air conditioning condenser:

  • There are loud and unusual noises coming from the machine.
  • The unit’s cooling capacity has been significantly cut.
  • In addition to the normal quantity of condensation, the unit is leaking a substantial volume of fluid.

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