Why Is My Aircon Blowing Hot Air

Top 5 Reasons Why Is My Aircon Blowing Hot Air

Aircon blowing hot air is a common issue that is faced due to multiple reasons. Imagine if you come to the house needing a chilled room and you find out that the aircon is blowing hot air instead of cool air.

You will need to know why it is happening. That is why we will discuss the top 5 reasons for an aircon blowing hot air

The Main Job Of an Air Con:

 Enjoying pool parties in hot blazing summers is probably the most liked thing.  However, the comfort that we get in our own private space(home) is unmatchable. You need your air conditioner to work fine in summer.

If the room temperature is cool enough you can forget about going out and set your enjoyment plans within the home. The presumed job of an Air Con is to maintain a preset temperature in close proximity. The AC cools the inside air significantly.

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If it starts doing the opposite, there is an issue with its cooling mechanism. You will want to find and fix the issue as soon as possible. Quick reach out to the problem saves time, energy, and money. Let us check the reasons and find out the solution to this said problem.

Why Is My Aircon Blowing Hot Air?

If you have a question about why is my Aircon blowing hot air?  you are at the right place to get your answer. The following subsections will explain the top 5 reasons for an aircon blowing hot air:

1.      Check The Settings Of The Thermostat:

Sometimes people make silly mistakes but these mistakes are quite common. The thermostat of an Air Con is set on heat mode instead of cool mode. If this is the case, just change the setting to cool mode and the job is done.

While talking about the settings of the thermostat, you should also check one more setting. You should check if the thermostat is set to ON or auto mode. If it is set to ON mode, the fans of the Air Conditioner will rotate even though the aircon is blowing hot air. 

2.      Limited Airflow:

There is another common mistake that people make and that is to forget about the cleaning and maintenance of the air filters. If your air filter is not clean, the air will be restricted to reach the cooling section. Resultantly, the heat of the air is not absorbed and the air remains hot.

That is why the filters need to be cleaned regularly. If you did not put your AC to maintenance for a year, immediately hire a professional to do it for you. If you are confident enough to do it yourself, just go on with it.

3.      Power Outage To The Outdoor:

There are a few components that make up the air conditioning system. If one of the bricks falls, the whole building is in danger. Similar is the situation of an air conditioning system. If one of the components is not getting the supply of electricity, the unit will not work the way it should.

 The reason your aircon is blowing hot air, you might need to check on the outdoor supply. The outside unit is not getting power, the air will not be cooled and you will end up getting hot air inside the room.

Sometimes the breaker trips or blows and cuts the supply of electricity. Restart to check if the problem persists. If it does, it indicates an electrical issue in the supply of the outside unit and you need a professional to fix it.

Aircon Blowing Hot Air

4.      Low Freon Level:

Freon is the main element that is responsible for blowing cool air into the surroundings. The Ac works on a closed loop mechanism and you do not need to refill the Air Con if it is working normally.

However, if the duct leaks and the level of Freon is lower, the air will not be cooled and the aircon will blow hot air. If you are facing the same problem, check the ducts. Call a professional if you need further help.

5.      Dirt On The Condenser:

The condenser coil leaves out the heat to the atmosphere. If the condenser coils are damaged or not layered up with dust, the heat will not be released properly. This is a possible reason that an AC blows hot air. It is therefore recommended to check the condenser coils now and then.


The Aircon is such an important shelter against the fuming hot summer days. However, the air conditioner sometimes does not work well and starts malfunctioning. There is a common problem that the aircon starts blowing hot air instead of cool air.

If you are facing the same issue, you will end up knowing the reasons for your problem and possible solutions to them through this article.

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