5 Tips For Aircon Maintenance To Optimize Aircon’s Performance

Heat is rising gradually and people are getting really worried. In such a situation, aircon has become one of the most vital needs of almost every household. Now, just acquiring an air conditioner is not enough to keep your air conditioner up and running. 

You also must have to get the aircon maintenance done regularly. You may not observe it, but the maintenance of an aircon also boosts its performance to the next level. That is why you should get your air conditioner’s maintenance done regularly.

Further in this article, I will give you deep insights into 5 of the most prominent tips for aircon maintenance to absolutely optimize your air conditioner’s performance. So, make sure that you read this till the end and take the maximum and optimal output from your aircon.

5 Tips for Aircon Maintenance to Optimize Your Aircon Performance

1. Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning the filters of the aircon could be the most important part of aircon maintenance. This is because the filters do the work of filtering the air and also help cool it.

Also, they are the first to get clogged by dust because they constantly filter. If you do not clean the filters, it will result in a fall in aircon performance. So, make sure to get them cleaned thoroughly while maintenance.

2. Taking Care of Aircon Condenser

The air conditioner’s condenser is installed on the outside and there are huge chances of it getting clogged somehow. The reason could be plants or any other thing that could get in the condenser and clog it.

In such cases, the condenser ceases to cool any air because it has a very diminished supply of air. Hence, its cleaning and maintenance are extremely important. So, this is also an important factor while maintaining your aircon.

3. Drain Tray

A drain tray is the part of the aircon that collects the unused and useless water from the aircon and drains it. Sometimes it could also develop some moisture on its own because of the heat of the system.

So, this could increase the water level in the drain tray above its capacity which could lead to different malfunctions in the air conditioner. So, always make sure that you get this maintained along with other things.

4. Thermostat Checkup

The thermostat is the component of an aircon that shows you the temperature level of the air conditioner’s air. In most cases, it is installed on the face of the air conditioner. Now, this could also lead to tremendous damage if it malfunctions.

This is because if the thermostat does not show you the correct temperature of the aircon, you could exceed the consumption rate you were hoping to reach. Also, this could lead to a heavy toll on the aircon and also on your pocket. So, be aware.

5. Hiring Professional Help

It is no doubt that you can maintain your aircon by yourself, but it is always better to hire professional hands to do the work for you. This could be important because professionals know all about aircon maintenance and they will push the right buttons regarding that.

Also, they could solve the aircon problems that you do not even know of. So, always go for professionals if you do not want any problems with your air conditioner and want it to perform at its highest level.

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Common Aircon Problems And Their Solutions

If you are an aircon owner, you must face different kinds of problems and issues with your air conditioner. You are not the only one with such issues. Almost all aircon owners go through some of the most common air conditioner problems.

Now, these issues include clogged filters, drain leakage, bad airflow, uncomfortable air quality, etc. All of these problems have one simple solution which is the maintenance of the aircon. You may wonder how a single thing solves all of these aircon problems.

Well, this is because the maintenance includes all the cleaning and solutions to these problems, and the professionals know exactly what they are doing while solving these problems. So, get your AC maintained whenever you observe such issues with your Air Con.


In conclusion, maintenance is probably the most important and valuable part of an aircon’s perfect performance. But, you also have to know some tips that make the maintenance process even more important for air conditioner life. 

Once you know those things, you should make sure that you apply them no matter what if you do not want your aircon to die on you. So, what are you waiting for, now you know the tips for aircon maintenance, and to boost your aircon’s performance, go and apply them.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What maintenance does air conditioning need?

Maintenance is one of the most vital needs of an air conditioner to keep it functioning optimally. You have to make sure that while getting maintenance on your air conditioner, get its filters cleaned thoroughly, its drain tray should be cleaned.

Do not leave even a single trace of dust in the air conditioner because it could hinder with aircon’s performance.

2. How do I maintain my aircon myself?

You can easily maintain your aircon yourself without calling for a professional. To do this perfectly, open the covers of the aircon and take out the filters and clean them thoroughly.

After that, clean the internal parts of the air conditioner making them completely free of debris and dirt. Just to be safe, also clean the outer part of the air conditioner commonly known as a condenser.

3. How can I improve my window aircon performance?

To improve the performance of your window aircon, you have to thoroughly clean its windows and filters. Also, you must clean and maintain the coils installed inside the aircon.

Aside from this, you can get your air conditioner’s maintenance done regularly. The most optimal period would be to maintain after about every two months. That should do well to improve your window Air Con performance.


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