Regular Aircon Maintenance in singapore

7 Reasons Why It is Important To Have Regular Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best tropical places in the world. But, with ease comes difficulty as well. The temperature in Singapore is always so hot that a person sometimes starts to feel like they are melting. So, in such situations, having an aircon at your disposal is of utmost necessity. 

Now, when you have an air conditioner, it becomes necessary for you to keep track of its maintenance because you do not want it to malfunction. Some people believe that maintaining or cleaning your aircon is not too important, but they are wrong. It is the most vital part of maintaining the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

So, in this article, I give you 7 different reasons for the importance of keeping the maintenance of your aircon on track. So, stick till the end to illuminate yourself.

7 Reasons To Have Regular Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

1. Relief for Your Pocket

Very first of the reasons is the saving of money maintenance of aircon does for you. It may not seem like it, but if you do not do constant maintenance of your air conditioner, then it will start to malfunction. 

Now, these malfunctions may seem small, but they put a great toll on your wallet in the long run. This is because a time will come when your aircon completely falls apart and you will have to get a new one. Also, you would have to spend some to cure those small malfunctions.

2. Better Functioning of Air Con

Now, when you keep maintaining your aircon, you will observe that your aircon will start working better than before. This is because constant maintenance of your air conditioner keeps refreshing its parts.

This refreshing makes the air conditioner parts as good as new and it starts functioning at its full capacity. So, it is also a good reason to get your air conditioner maintenance.

3. Energy Efficient Cooling

As in Singapore, the temperature is at its peak. So, everyone wants to cool themselves in front of an aircon. Also, you do not want to spend a huge sum to keep your environment cool. So, maintenance of your air conditioner makes your air conditioner energy efficient due to which it consumes less energy.

This less consumption of energy decreases the rates of your electricity bills and does not have any effect on the cooling of your aircon.

4. Better Constant Cooling

Keeping your aircon maintained also makes its constant cooling process much better. This is because the stress on the air conditioner’s parts is constantly relieved due to which its parts give their best output. This best output comes in a way of better cooling even if the aircon is constantly used.

5. Increase in Air Conditioner’s Life

Maintenance of your aircon also increases its life somewhat. This happens because the maintenance mainly focuses on the crucial and small parts of the air conditioner.

This keeps their functioning in check and does not let those parts wear off. And if the parts of an air conditioner do not wear off, then it far exceeds its expected lifetime and warranty.

6. Better Comfort

The aircon is used to provide comfort to people. This comfort can be far increased if the air conditioner undergoes maintenance constantly. It is because the maintenance does not let any downfall in the performance of the aircon.

Also, it does not let any dirt or dust remain in the aircon which counters the skin irritation. So, it increases the comfort level.

maintenance of your aircon

7. Prevention of Major Issues

Sometimes, maintenance of the aircon does not simply get a solution for an issue with the aircon. It is also used to detect major issues in the air conditioner. These major issues do not seem important to us, but the maintenance of the aircon detects these issues and warns the person that in the future, it could be fatal.


In conclusion, keeping the maintenance of your aircon is very important because once you have an AC, you do not want to repeatedly replace it after a few months. Also, an aircon provides comfort to you. 

So, if you want to keep that comfort standing, you need to get your aircon serviced. So, go now and contact a professional to get your air conditioner’s maintenance done in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is aircon Servicing important?

Aircon servicing is very important because it works as the doctor of the AC. It detects any kind of major issue in it. It also makes sure that the performance of the aircon is top-notch and it provides the top level of comfort to a person. This is why servicing air conditioners are important.

How often should aircon be serviced in Singapore?

In tropical countries like Singapore, an aircon should be serviced at a maximum time of three months. But, the most optimal period would be to get it serviced once every month because you have to know about any major issues with it. So, one month would be the best possible servicing period.

How much is aircon service in Singapore?

The cost of service for any air conditioner comes down to the number of units in it. Also, studies show a variety of rates for the servicing of an aircon. In Singapore, you can get your aircon serviced for almost 150 dollars for 1 unit, 190 dollars for 2 units, 240 dollars for 3 units, and 300 dollars for 4 units. There are also more units ACs, but their prices will be only a little higher.

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