5 Common Reasons Why Is Aircon Light Blinking

An aircon has become one of the most vital necessities of almost every household. This has become a necessity due to the continuous rise in the heat level in the whole world. In such a situation, an air conditioner becomes a vital tool to cool our environment.

Now, as an aircon is a man-made device, it can malfunction sometimes. But, to indicate such malfunctions, it gives us a heads up. Also, it can warn us before a malfunction occurs. The most common warning sign of an aircon is the light that blinks.

So, if you are wondering about the malfunctions that this light indicates for us, you are at the right place. I will give you 5 reasons for the blinking of your aircon light. Further in this article, you will get a deeper insight into those 5 reasons. So, stick till the end to make yourself familiar with those insights.

5 Common Reasons Why Aircon Light Blinks

1. Issue of Air Circulation:

Air circulation is a very vital part of the cooling process of an aircon. This is because the constant flow of air through the air conditioner keeps replacing the hot air with a cool one. This is how it keeps the air cooled. Now, when the air circulation malfunctions, then the cooling gives issues. This issue is one of the major causes of the aircon light blinking.

2. Leakage in the Aircon:

Now, there are some times in the lifetime of an aircon when it starts leaking. This leakage could be of any liquid matter in the air conditioner. When this leakage starts to happen, the light signals trigger and it starts blinking. Again, this is a warning mechanism that warns you about the leaking fluid from the aircon.

3. Clogging of Filters:

Filters play a very important role in the constant flow of air through the air conditioner. Now, they could also get clogged due to the constant cleaning of the air. This clogging triggers the warning sequence of the aircon and the light starts blinking. This light shows that your filters are clogged and could result in poor performance of the air conditioner.

4. Freezing of Evaporating Coils:

Evaporating coils that are responsible for the constant cooling of the air have a very low temperature. This low temperature could lead to the freezing of these evaporating coils. Then, those frozen coils disrupt the cooling process of the aircon.

Now, this disruption causes the light in the aircon to start. And that’s how you know that there is something wrong with your air conditioner.

5. Maintenance Carelessness:

Maintenance of the aircon is very important for the proper functioning of your air conditioner. Now, when you do not take care of the maintenance of your air conditioner, the air conditioner starts to fall apart and as a warning sign, the aircon’s light starts blinking.

How to Keep Issues Out of Your Air Con?

Now, when you keep observing the blinking of the light on your aircon, it is clear that you will get annoyed. But, do not worry, you can easily keep the light of your aircon for almost your whole life with the aircon.

You just need to follow some of the precautionary measures necessary to keep your air conditioner safe. Now, these safety measures mostly consist of keeping the major issues out. But, if you follow these, you do not have to worry about small issues.

Aircon Light Blinking

So, first off, you have to always keep the maintenance of your aircon in check because this decides the performance of your air conditioner. Now, you always keep the refrigerant full in your air conditioner. Also, you have to clean the air filters of your aircon on regular basis and never leave those filters dirty. 

In the end, the most crucial part of these safety measures is contacting a professional, even if you observe a small issue with the AC. This is because, if you try to fix the issues yourself, you could produce some additional ones yourself.


In conclusion, the light blinking on your aircon tells you about any malfunction in it. One way or another, it is always some issue, small or big with your aircon. If these malfunctions are left unattended, they could lead to future fatalities. So, under no circumstances, ignore these light blinking because they could save you a lot of trouble and hassle.

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1. Why is my aircon light flashing?

Flashing of your light is a warning action of your aircon that tells you about any malfunction in the aircon. One of those malfunctions it indicates is the low refrigerant level in the air conditioner. Refrigerant is a chemical used to cool down the air using the compressor of the air conditioner. When it starts to run low, the light blinks to warn you.

2. Why is my AC light blinking three times?

An aircon’s light blinks three times or mostly continuously to warn you about a major malfunction in your air conditioner. This major malfunction could even take your aircon to the verge of a breakdown. So, always be on guard when this light blinking starts showing.

3. Why is my aircon light blinking red?

The blinking of red light in your aircon indicates that there has been a malfunction with the outside part of the AC also known as the condenser. Now, this light mostly shows because the outside part of the air conditioner shuts down. So, it is not a matter of danger always, but it can be sometimes. So, always be on guard.

4. How do I reset my aircon?

To reset your aircon, first, you have to cut off the power supply to it. Now, you have to find the reset button on the aircon. Once you find it, press and hold it for almost 5 seconds, and then release it. Finally, give the power supply back to the air conditioner. Your air conditioner has been reset now.

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