How to Solve Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking Issues

Panasonic aircon unit is known for its promising quality and excellent functionality. However, like any other appliance or device, you can also encounter some problems with this one. One of the most significant problems that most people report with this conditioner is the blinking light issue.

Suppose you have also noticed the Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking in your conditioner. In that case, you should immediately locate the ailment and get it fixed because blinking lights can indicate multiple other functional issues.

Check out the following context if you want to know more about how to solve Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking issues.  

How to Indicate and Solve Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking Issues?

To solve the Panasonic aircon timer light blinking issue, you should first acknowledge the ailment responsible for causing it. Numerous factors can lead to the blinking light issue, and it is crucial to understand them if you want to track and solve the problem immediately. 

1. Inspect the Wiring System

Most of the time, the blinking light issue is caused by a faulty wiring system. Thus, when you notice such an issue with your Panasonic appliance, you should instantly check whether the wires are in appropriate condition and working precisely. 

Blinking lights are a small yet significant notion indicating a faulty wiring system. If you don’t solve this issue soon, the situation can worsen, affecting the entire electrical unit of the air conditioner. As soon as you locate the problem in the wiring, immediately call for professional help. 

It is suggested not to fix or repair the wiring system using DIYs because it is an intensive task, and a single wrong step can potentially damage the entire unit. Panasonic offers excellent customer service, and you can avail of it to get the wires repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

2. Thermostat Issues 

Locating a faulty thermostat is more accessible than the aforementioned aspect because when a thermostat stops functioning, the unit’s light will not only blink, but the air conditioning quality will also drop.

That is why, once you know that the thermostat is causing the blinking light issue, you should get the system checked as soon as possible. If your thermostat wires are damaged, then repairing can fix its system.

But if the thermostat has undergone internal damage, you will need to replace it because repairing it would be a temporary solution in this case. Besides, if your Panasonic unit has a warranty, which is not expired, then the company will be liable to pay for all repairs and replacements. 

3. Filter Issues 

Not many people know, but dirty and unclean filters can also cause potential functional problems in the air conditioning unit, and the blinking light issue is one of them. Thus, if your conditioner’s lights are also blinking, then before calling the technician to make repairs, check whether the filters are clean. 

Cleaning the unit’s filters does not require professional help. Instead, you can clean it using local household materials like cleaning spray and scrubbing brushes. However, ensure that you wash them outside the unit and not within because if you do so, the electrical part of the unit can get damaged. 

Once the filters are clean and dried, place them back in the unit and restart them. If the lights are still blinking, you might still be missing on catching the actual ailment causing the blinking issue. 

4. Battery Issues

Sometimes, the ailment causing blinking lights does not reside in the unit; instead, it might be a faulty remote control contributing to it. That is why, before opening up the electrical unit and seeking faults, you should check whether the batteries in the remote control are working fine. 

Faulty batteries can hinder the proper functioning of the air conditioner and can even cause the lights to blink. Thus, you will need to replace them immediately before the batteries run out entirely and cause the air conditioner to shut down. 

5. Unit Issues 

In some unfortunate cases, the Aircon blinking light issue might be caused by a faulty electrical unit. If the ailments mentioned above do not contribute to blinking lights, then the internal unit must be causing this issue. A damaged unit damages the conditioner slowly yet constantly. 

Therefore, once you realize that your internal conditioning unit is damaged, you should instantly call for professional help. It is advised not to open and inspect the unit to find faults. Instead, you should prefer a specialist for this task as he can appropriately repair the unit without damaging other parts. 

Panasonic Aircon Timer Light Blinking

6. Look for Error Codes

Sometimes, you might be unable to locate the ailment causing the lights to blink. Thus, you can check the remote control and look for technical issues in such situations. The following are a few steps you must observe to locate the reason for blinking using the remote control.

  • Hold the “Check” button on your remote control for about 20 seconds. 
  • Diagnostic settings will pop up on the remote’s screen.
  • Check the fault codes that might be causing the unit’s light to blink.
  • The aircon timer will go off as you find the proper error code for blinking lights.


Once familiar with the error code, exit the diagnostic section by holding the check button for another 20 to 30 seconds. 

If you are unfamiliar with the error codes, then you can take aid from the Panasonic user manual to understand them. The Pansonic user manuals are beginner-friendly and are written in easy language, implying that you will have no problem understanding the error codes. 


Some people ignore the blinking light issue and end up paying extensive bills for unit damage. The blinking light issue is a primary notion that can lead to multiple other functional problems. That is why such issues must not be ignored and should be instantly reported to professionals. 

If the unit’s outer parts are damaged, you can get them repaired or fixed as a permanent solution. But the same cannot be done regarding the internal unit damage. If the insides of the air conditioning system get damaged, then it is better if you replace them as a permanent solution to the ailment.

Otherwise, the system can get damaged repeatedly, leading you to spend even more than the original price.

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