Aircon Services

General Aircon Servicing

PS Aircon Service provides general aircon servicing for customers in Singapore. During a service visit, we’ll help you clean your air conditioner’s filters, outer panels, fan coils, blower wheel, and many more. We’ll also help you replace and repair all necessary parts.

Learn more about our service process.

Aircon Chemical Wash

Instead of general, standard water cleaning of the outer part of your AC unit, we’ll help you thoroughly clean the unit inside and out using safe chemical-based solutions.

Our aircon chemical wash helps you rid of sticky and efficiency-decreasing particles in your air conditioner.

Read more about our chemical cleaning service and see ways Business Name can help you today.

Aircon Overhaul

Annoying sounds coming out of your aircon unit? Or did you notice some anomaly with the unit? Our competent technicians will show up at your location with the right equipment and tools to overhaul your air conditioning system by replacing, repairing, and washing different components as necessary.

Learn more about our aircon overhaul services today.

Aircon Installation

Do you need a quiet, energy-efficient, and professional aircon installation in your building? Look nowhere else as we offer this service as part of our comprehensive aircon services.

Learn more about how one or a team of aircon technicians can come to your Singapore location.

Aircon Gas Top Up

Is your aircon not cooling as it used to be or the unit is just blowing hot? Relax, take your mobile device, and reach out to PS Aircon Service to schedule a service visit.

During the visit, our engineer will check for the refrigerant levels and access the system for possible leaks that could be letting the gas coolant escape the unit.

Aircon Repair

PS Aircon Service can help you replace parts of an aircon unit. Are you having issues with your aircon’s evaporator fan, condenser fan, bad compressor, air filters, or any other of its components?

Call us today to get the needed help – aircon repair service – from our competent service professionals.

Aircon Troubleshooting

Not sure of the exact cause of your aircon malfunctioning? Perhaps you’ve had several technicians work on the system but they can’t just get to the root of the problem?

Without delay, our engineers with years of hands-on experience dealing with all kinds of aircon units will come to your location to render assistance.

Learn more about our aircon troubleshooting services and how fast we can help.

Aircon Leaking Fix

Is water leaking from your aircon right inside or outside your building? Does it seem like your refrigerant gas disappears every time you get a top up?

Whether for water or gas leaks, PS Aircon Service’s aircon technicians are ready to help you. Learn more about our aircon leak fixing services today.

Aircon Not Cold Fix

A faulty thermostat, clogged air filter, or another defective component can be the cause of an aircon not blowing cool.

When this issue rears its ugly head with your aircon system, you know who to call – the experts at PS Aircon Service. Our technicians will carefully inspect the system, isolate the real issue, and provide a fix.

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