Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Blower

How to Remove and Clean a Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Blower

Nowadays, when the heat levels are at their peak, an aircon becomes your only optimal choice to cool the temperature around your indoor environment. Now, choosing an air conditioner, you would want to explore your options. One of the best options for you would be the Mitsubishi aircon

When it comes to your Mitsubishi aircon maintenance, its air conditioner blower also becomes a vital part of maintenance. This is because its cleaning is also very important if you want your aircon to keep performing properly.

How to remove and clean a Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower?

To remove and clean a Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower, first, take off the air conditioner cover and remove the filter. After that, take out the base panels and then, lower the drain tray. Then, loosen the aircon blower and remove it.

Now, for cleaning, first, clean the aircon unit and the blower and install it back in reverse the process of removing.


Further in this article, you will get detailed knowledge about the removal and cleaning process of the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower. So, stick till the end.

Process of Removal and Cleaning of Mitsubishi Aircon Blower

1. Removal of Filter

First off, remove the air filter by opening the aircon cover. This is done because the air blower is behind the air filter on a bit upper side of the aircon.

Also, without removing the air filter, you will not be able to reach the inner part of the air conditioner condenser due to which the maintenance will not be completed.

2. Base Panels Removal

Two base panels will be seen once you remove the air filter. These base panels are locked from both sides. So, you have to unlock those locks to remove them and reach the next part of the aircon.

This is another one of the hurdles in the way of removing and cleaning the air blower. So, do this as well before starting the cleaning process.

3. Lowering the Drain Tray

A drain tray is a component of the aircon that collects and gets rid of the unused water in the air conditioner. Now, to reach the air blower, you have to lower this tray. To do so, you will have to loosen the black on either side of the tray.

These black tags are nut-like pieces that tighten the drain tray. Loosen them and tilt the right side of the tray to lower it. Now, you will reach the air blower.

4. Loosening the Air Blower

Now, once you have reached the air blower, you will remove it by loosening the screws on the left side of the aircon. These screws are three in number and are the only support to the air blower. Once, you remove those screws, the blower will start to come down because of no support.

5. Removing the Air Blower

When the screws are all removed and the blower starts to come down, you have to support it with your hands because it will surely fall if you leave it be. You also have to make sure that the amount of force applied is barely adequate and not of high intensity.

This is because the exposure to high force will break the air blower of the Air Con. So, be careful.

6. Cleaning of the Aircon Unit

The next part of the air blower cleaning is the cleaning of the aircon unit because the dust will make its way back to the blower if the unit is not cleaned. To clean it, you can use a brush or a simple piece of slightly wet cloth and you will be good to go.

7. Cleaning the Air Blower

Now, for the next part which is the main one, you have to thoroughly clean the air blower of the AC. To do so, you can use alcohol swipes along with a wet cloth.

Now, make sure that you do not leave any water molecules in the blower because it could malfunction the aircon and will be a great toll on your wallet.

How to Clean a Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Blower

8. Reinstalling the Removed Parts

Once you are done with all the cleaning of the air blower and the aircon unit. Now, you have to reinstall the parts that you removed first. First comes the drain tray and you have to take it back to its original place. For that, tighten the screws on the left side. 

Now, for the base panels, tighten the black tags. In the end, put the air filter back and fix the cover of the air conditioner again. Do this and voila, you have successfully cleaned your air blower of the aircon.


In conclusion, the removal and cleaning of the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon blower are not a hard or complicated process. This cleaning is a very vital part of the maintenance of the aircon because even the slightest amount of dust or debris in the internal parts of the air conditioner could greatly hinder its functioning of the aircon. So, keep every piece of information in mind while cleaning the air blower.

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People Also Ask


1. How to clean the aircon blower fan?

To clean the air conditioner blower fan, first, you have to remove the aircon cover and take out the air filter of the AC. After that, remove the base panels and loosen the drain tray of the air conditioner. Now, you can remove and clean the blower fan easily with just a cloth.

2. How to remove an aircon vent?

You can easily remove the aircon vent by loosening its screws and lifting it upwards. But, just remember that whenever you open the vent, always place a cloth tightly around the vent so the dirt won’t fall all over the ground. Keep that in mind and remove the screws to remove the vent.

3. Can you replace aircon vents?

Replacing the aircon vents is not that much of quick action. You can easily replace them with the duct system of your home. This is mostly done after about 10 to 20 years because they are designed to withstand dirt and dust. It could increase comfort and convenience if replaced.


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