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What To Expect During an Aircon Maintenance in Singapore?

Heat is rising gradually and people are getting really worried. In such a situation, an aircon has become one of the most vital needs of almost every household. Now, just acquiring an air conditioner is not enough to keep your air conditioner up and running. You also must have to get the aircon maintenance done regularly. 

Now, before getting maintenance, you should be well aware of the things the professional will do. Because you don’t want him messing with your aircon, do you?


What to expect during aircon maintenance in Singapore? When you are getting the maintenance of your aircon done, you need to know that the maintenance includes limited services. These services include the cleaning of your air conditioner and require opening the aircon. The only things open are the filter, front covers, and condenser.


Further in this article, you will get to know the things that you have to expect during aircon maintenance. So, stick till the end.

10 Things to Expect During Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

Whenever you go for the maintenance of your aircon, there should always be some things that you should expect during aircon maintenance. And not get shocked at some when you see them doing those things. These things include these major 10;

1. Cleaning of Front Covers

The first part of the aircon maintenance involves cleaning the front covers of the air conditioner. For that, the professionals open up the front of the air conditioner and clean it with a cloth or brush.

2. Cleaning of Aircon Filter

This is the most crucial part of the maintenance because the air conditioner filters play a vital role in clearing the air and cooling it. So, their servicing is absolutely important and shall not be ignored under any circumstance.

3. Servicing of Evaporating Fins

The next part of the maintenance is the cleaning of the evaporating fins on the outside unit of the aircon. This part is responsible for disposing of hot air and getting into the cooler one. Now, sometimes this could freeze up and could put a toll on the AC’s performance. So, it is also a matter of importance.

4. Cleaning of Drainage Tray

A drainage tray is the part of an air conditioner where the water of the air conditioner that has already been used for cooling goes. The cleaning of this part is very important because algae and fungus could form on it disrupting the performance of the aircon.

5. Servicing of Water Drainage Pipe

The drainage pipe is the part of the air conditioner that takes the used water to the drainage tray. Now, this pipe could get damaged or get clogged. So, clearing and fixing this pipe is also necessary.

6. Checking of Electrical Equipment

An aircon is an electric appliance. So, there can be times when its wiring or other electrical equipment could malfunction. To avoid that, the professionals also check the electrical parts of the air conditioner and look for faults.

to expect during aircon maintenance

7. Checking the Remote Control

The remote controller of your aircon is also checked during the maintenance of your aircon. This is done because sometimes, your remote controller could malfunction and make you believe that there is something wrong with the AC itself.

8. Display of Thermistor

The small screen that shows you the temperature of the aircon is throwing is known as the thermistor. This component of an air conditioner could malfunction as well. And it could show you the wrong temperature. So, its checking is also included in the maintenance.

9. Checking of Air Thrower

The Air thrower is the part of the aircon that blows out the cooled air into the environment. This part could also malfunction and you would notice your air conditioner not throwing any air warm or cold. So, checking is also necessary.

10. Water Leakage

Your air conditioner could also malfunction in a way that it could leak out the water from the cooled air and ultimately ruin the performance of the aircon. This is also checked by the professionals during the maintenance process of the air conditioner.



In conclusion, the maintenance of your aircon every once in a while is of utmost necessity. You should also know some of the things that are a part of the maintenance of your air conditioner. This is because whenever a professional comes into your home to service the aircon, you should know what they are up to. So, what are you waiting for, go get your aircon serviced if you know the things now?


What does aircon servicing include in Singapore?

The aircon servicing in Singapore includes major maintenance things like cleaning the interior and exterior units using different brushes and tools. This could also be used to diagnose different faults with your air conditioner. Also, the professionals will disassemble your air conditioner to do this maintenance.

How often should an aircon be serviced in Singapore?

As Singapore is a tropical country, it will require a much faster servicing of air conditioners due to the massive amount of usage. To be on the safe side, you could get your air conditioner serviced every 3 months, but the most optimal period would be one month. So, the choice is up to you.

What happens in aircon servicing?

The major purpose of aircon servicing is to clean the air conditioner off of harmful substances. It involves the cleaning process of the inner and outer units of the air conditioner. Also, it can be used to diagnose major issues with the air conditioner by opening every part of it.

How much does it cost to clean aircon in Singapore?

The cost of the servicing of the air conditioner always comes down to its units. A study shows that the servicing of a single-unit air conditioner cost around 150 dollars. You can get an idea about the costs of bigger air conditioners using this cost.

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