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Professional Vs. DIY Aircon Servicing: Which One is Better?

An aircon has become an utmost necessity for almost every household nowadays because of extremely hot weather. Just getting an aircon is not enough, you have to take care of its servicing to get the maximum and proper output. Now, some of you wonder whether they can do it themselves or if they need an expert for it. Don’t worry at all, I’ve got you covered.


What is the difference between professional and DIY aircon servicing?

There is a lot of difference between professional and DIY aircon servicing. When you go for professional servicing, you can get the perfect maintenance for a price. On the other hand, DIY aircon servicing is done by yourself and can not be on the spot as much as professional. This is the main difference between the two services.

Further in this article, you will get a deeper insight into the difference between the two aircon servicing. So, read till the end.

Professional Aircon Servicing Vs. DIY Aircon Servicing:


Professional Aircon Servicing:

The professional aircon servicing is the aircon servicing where you hire some professionals to clean and service your aircon using proper equipment. It will cost you some money, but it can be a lot better than DIY servicing.


  • Professional aircon servicing is the most optimal maintenance service for your air conditioner.
  • It can diagnose and get the solution to any major or minor problems with the air conditioner.
  • It is relatively safe to contact a professional for aircon servicing because you never know what you are doing wrong.


  • It is a costly and time-consuming process of servicing your air conditioner.
  • Professional aircon servicing personnel are not available every time.
  • Even for very small issues, professional air conditioner servicing people can ask for a huge sum of money.

DIY Aircon Servicing:

DIY aircon servicing is the method where you take care of the maintenance of the aircon and you do not have to spend any money to get it done. The pros and cons of DIY aircon servicing are as follows;


  • The DIY aircon servicing method is very cheap as compared to professional aircon servicing.
  • DIY aircon servicing is very convenient for you because you do not have to wait for anybody and get into formalities.
  • You can find solutions to small aircon issues with this servicing method.


  • It is not a perfect servicing option for air conditioners.
  • This servicing could go hazardously wrong and you could give birth to a new issue in the aircon.
  • You never what to look for in the air conditioner if an issue comes. So, it could be dangerous to get into things yourself.

Professional Vs. DIY Aircon Servicing: Which One Is Better?

Now, when it comes to the comparison of the two aircon servicing options, we look for conveniences in both of them to decide. In such a case, the final decision is completely up to you, but we can only present you with facts. So, here they are.


Professional aircon servicing is the best and optimal option for you to get your air conditioner’s maintenance done. This is because the people who are experts in such fields always know what to do and have the proper equipment for the servicing.

Professional Vs. DIY Aircon Servicing

On the other hand, if you start doing the service of your air conditioner yourself, there is a high chance that you could put other malfunctions in the aircon. Also, you do not have the proper tools for the work needed.


So, it is better to hire professional hands for the servicing of your aircon. It will surely cost you some money. But, you will be free of trouble for a very long while. Again, the final decision is completely up to you. You choose which is better for you and your pocket.


In conclusion, both professional and DIY aircon servicing are meant to clean the aircon and make it work properly. But, the better one is the professional aircon servicing because to properly clean the air conditioner, you need proper machinery. This machinery is only available to professionals. 

You would indeed have to spend some money, but all the trouble is worth it. So, go now and contact your nearest AC servicing and get your aircon serviced.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I service my aircon myself?

Yes, you can service your aircon yourself. You can save some of your money by doing this. The only downfall to this is that you can do the cleaning perfectly and it will only service the parts of the air conditioner where machines are not used. While to make the air conditioner function properly you need to get the maintenance done by a professional.

Is it worth getting the air conditioning serviced?

Getting your air conditioner serviced is the most crucial part of keeping the AC properly functioning. If it is not serviced frequently, it will gradually start to malfunction and a time will come when it will completely break down and it will just be an energy-consuming piece of junk. So, it is worth a lot to get your AC serviced.

Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner while running?

Yes, it is completely safe to spray water on your air conditioner. But, you have to keep in mind that whenever you spray it, spray on the condenser of the air conditioner. It is because your condenser needs a regular sprinkle of water to keep working properly.

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