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What Is an Aircon Condenser And How does It Work?

An aircon has become one of the major necessities in such hot weather nowadays. An air conditioner’s functioning depends generally on all its parts, but the most crucial part of an air conditioner is its condenser. Now, you may wonder what an aircon condenser is. Don’t worry in the slightest, I’ve got you covered.


What is an aircon condenser and how does it work?

An aircon condenser is a component of AC that is installed outdoors to filter heat. Now, the role of this condenser is to pump air into the air conditioner according to the atmosphere’s temperature to cool it. The condenser compresses the gas into liquid by high pressure and pushes it into its other component indoors to get rid of heat in it.


Further in this article, you will get a much deeper insight into the aircon condenser and its functioning. So, make sure to read till the end and illuminate yourself.

What is an Aircon Condenser?

To properly understand the functioning of the aircon condenser, first, we have to know what the condenser itself is in the aircon. The condenser is the most crucial part of an aircon for cooling the air in the environment.

It has two major parts, one of them is installed outdoors and the second part is indoors. The outside part is the condenser coil and the inside part is known as the air handler which throws out conditioned air into the environment. This is the condenser and its main parts.

Functioning of Aircon Condenser

The working of the air conditioner’s condenser is not that complicated. You just need to have some basic knowledge of thermodynamics and you can understand it beautifully.

The outside part of the condenser takes nonconditioned air into itself and takes it into the compressor where it is compressed into a liquid. After this, the liquified gas is pumped into the condenser coil.

This condenser coil cools off the liquid and passes it onto the inside of the air conditioner’s condenser. Now, the air handler throws off the cooled air due to this cooled liquid and wards off the hot air from inside into the outside part of the condenser.

This is the working and proper functioning of the aircon’s condenser and can be understood by any high school student.

What If the Condenser of the Aircon Malfunctions

There are several times in the life of an aircon that its condenser starts malfunctioning. Whatever the malfunction is, all of them show the same effect which is inadequate cooling of the environment. These malfunctions get the air conditioner to slow down on cooling and sometimes they even start to throw off warm air. 

These malfunctions could also cause hikes in your electricity bills due to more energy consumption. Also, they could stop the airflow that could cause the inner parts of the air conditioner to melt.

If even one malfunction happens in the condenser of the aircon, then any one of the issues could be faced by you. So, always try to keep the maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner on top priority to avoid such mishaps.

What Is an Aircon Condenser

Tips to Keep the Best Conditioner Performance

  • Always get servicing and maintenance of your aircon done.
  • Contact a professional whenever you notice a malfunction in the AC.
  • Never try to fix a major aircon issue yourself.
  • Always get your maintenance done about every month.


In conclusion, the condenser is the most crucial part of the aircon and is the main component for the conditioning of the air. Cleaning and servicing this component is also of utmost importance.

So, make sure you do take care of them. Also, the functioning of the condenser is not that complicated. So, if something happens to it, you can first help yourself.

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What is the difference between an aircon and a condenser?

The air conditioner’s inner part also known as the air handler is used to throw conditioned air out of the aircon into the home. On the other hand, the condenser which is installed outside gets rid of the hot air or you can rather say hot temperature from inside your house or office.

Is the condenser outside or inside?

The condenser is the outside unit of the aircon. Its main functioning is related to the outside environment that’s why it is installed outside.

The condenser pumps the air from outside into its compressor to cool it and takes the hot air from inside and disposes of it in the outer environment. This process on the whole is known as air conditioning.

How do I clean my AC condenser?

Cleaning the air conditioner’s condenser is one of the most important parts of its maintenance. To do it perfectly, you have to follow several steps to clean the condenser.

First off, you have to switch the thermostat and main power off. Then, you can use a cooling fin comb to straighten the bent-over fins of the condenser. 

Now, use an air blower or vacuum to clean the dust and dirt in the condenser unit. That’s how you clean the condenser of the air conditioner.


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