Common Aircon Compressor Problems and How to Fix Them?

Aircon compressor problems are quotidian of daily life. The compressor is the “heart of aircon,” an essential component of the cooling cycle. Without the compressor, your aircon will not cool the air. Therefore, the vitality of this component also magnifies, and so does its cost.

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The compressor is among the most expensive elements of an aircon and requires proper maintenance to work correctly. However, like any other component of the aircon, the compressor is also prone to failure. In case of malfunctioning, you should know the right cure and professional to do that for you. This article discusses the most common compressor problems and their probable solutions.

How Does a Compressor Work?

A compressor works by compressing refrigerant vapours, which increases its pressure and turns it into a hot gas. Some important points are given below;

What is an Aircon Compressor?

It is essential to know about the compressor’s working before moving to its issues and solutions. The compressor resides in the outdoor unit and recirculates the refrigerant during the heat exchange.

In other words, it is the energy source for the air conditioning system. Electricity runs through the compressor to the cooling system that takes in hot air and blows cool air. The following subsection will explain how an aircon compressor works.

Working on an Aircon Compressor

The motor drives the compressor with a cylinder and a piston. The compressor then increases the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant that has to leave the unit through the coils. The temperature increase is mandatory to move the heat from the inside to the outside unit.

The condenser then cools the heat and converts the refrigerant to liquid. The compressor then raises the pressure of the refrigerant to move it to the inside unit. This process repeats, and the heat continuously transfers from the inside home to the outside environment.

Aircon compressor problems

Some of the most common aircon compressor problems are explained in this section, accompanied by their possible solutions.

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow is one of the most common AC compressor problems. If your aircon is not blowing enough cool air, the compressor is not usually working. However, it isn’t easy to notice because you will reduce the set temperature if you feel the room is not cool enough.

After a few days, you will realize and assess the genuine problem. If you suspect your AC in the context of this problem, put your hands down the vents to feel the airflow pressure. If the airflow is weak, call a professional to check and correct it.

Large Noises

If you turn on the unit and it starts with growling and large banging noises, you should notice this immediately. These noises indicate many problems, and the failure of the aircon compressor is one of them.

If these noises are associated with the compressor, they refer to the fact that the aircon compressor is not starting comfortably and will have problems shortly. If you face this problem, turn off your unit and contact a professional immediately.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the most crucial ingredient of an aircon. Without refrigerant, the aircon cannot cool the hot air coming from the inside home. Refrigerant typically recycles after a complete cooling process and does not need re-gassing very soon. However, if the unit starts leaking the refrigerant, it may run out of refrigerant.

Weak airflow, hissing sounds, water around your unit, and ice deposition on the evaporation coils indicate that your AC is leaking refrigerant. It is essential to detect and fix a refrigerant leak, or it will also damage the compressor. If the noises are increased, and the problem has lasted longer, the compressor may have been damaged already. Therefore, call a professional and ask him to scrutinize your unit.

Common Aircon Compressor Problems

Overfilling of the Refrigerant

Like leaking refrigerant, overfilled refrigerant is also among common air conditioner compressor problems. Typically, trained and professional technicians do not over-fill the unit with refrigerant. However, some technicians who do not have sound knowledge can mess it up during the gas top-ups.

When the refrigerant level is too high, it will put more pressure on the compressor and ultimately damage it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to call a licensed professional to correct the problem.

Dirt and Debris

Because the compressor situates in the outdoor unit, dirt, debris, bird droppings, and moisture stick to it and disturb the normal operating cycle; when the compressor is dirty, it will have to work extra hard to do its regular job.

Therefore, the electricity bill increases. If you are facing this problem, schedule a maintenance session for your aircon and clean all the essential components of the aircon. If you are not confident about doing it yourself, call a professional.


Aircon compressor problems are part and parcel of a homeowner’s life if they do not maintain the unit well. The compressor is the heart of an aircon unit that helps the cooling process. Some problems can occur in the compressor and cause it to malfunction. All these problems are easily curable in the initial stages to save expensive aircon components like a compressor.

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