How to Know If Aircon Needs a Gas Top-Up

If you are a homeowner and do not know when your aircon needs a gas top-up, you will soon experience warm air instead of cool air from your aircon. You must know when to arrange an aircon cleaning and maintenance session. This knowledge is beneficial to improve the health of the system. If you do not maintain the unit well, you will repair it soon.

Sometimes you do the maintenance and cleaning on time but forget one thing, and that is to check whether your unit is leaking the refrigerant or not. This leakage is something that you typically overlook. Hence, most people start to panic when they experience leakage of refrigerant. This situation will lead to doubting your aircon brand, especially if it is new.

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This article is for you if you also face the same issue. After completing the reading round, we expect you to know the basics about refrigerant, re-gassing, and when re-gassing is required.

What is Re-gassing?

If you want to know about re-gassing then the following steps are related to re-gassing.

What is Feron Gas?

Everyone knows that the aircon blows cool air to maintain the room’s temperature. However, significantly fewer people know about the essentials of the cooling process. A coolant named Feron gas is mainly responsible for cooling in an aircon unit.

Feron gas is the essential element of an aircon. Without this element, your aircon is just a fan. After some time, your aircon needs gas top-up or re-gassing, which means the aircon needs more Feron. This situation can happen quickly if your aircon unit is leaking the Feron.

Vitality of Re-gassing

If the Feron level of the aircon is reduced, the cooling will slowly go away, and the time will come when the aircon blows hot air. This stage of an aircon necessitates the re-gassing process. Not only re-gassing, but we should also check for possible leakages and try fixing them.

How Often Do your Aircon Requires Re-gassing?

It typically depends on the usage. If your use is normal, a well-branded aircon can maintain the Feron level for almost ten years. If you wait for the time, it should blow hot air; some other aircon parts can also get damaged. Furthermore, it will consume more electrical power.

Indications That Your Aircon Needs a Gas Top Up

When human beings get ill, doctors diagnose based on symptoms. Similarly, technical experts can also check the problem of an aircon by some indications that a commoner may not notice. We will describe some of the aircon symptoms that are short of Feron.

Aircon Starts Blowing Warm Air

An aircon blowing warm air is a common problem and can have multiple reasons behind it. But the foremost technical sense is the reduction in Feron level. However, this will not happen overnight.

The cooling of the aircon will gradually retard to ultimately reach this level where the gas tank will dry out. At this stage, your aircon is just a fan, and you cannot enjoy the cooling of your aircon.

Ice On the Aircon

Another indication of a low Feron level is the deposition of ice on the refrigerant lines of your aircon. Because low refrigerant means low pressure and temperature, that will lead to the freezing of the evaporator coil that will form ice. Hence, if you notice ice anywhere around your aircon’s components, it can indicate a low Feron level.

Uneven Distribution of the Cool Air

Sometimes you can feel that one part of your room is cool while the other is not, even if the aircon is running. There might be many reasons for the problem, including the position of windows, exposure to the sun, ventilation system, etc.

But if the aircon is incapable of cooling the room unanimously, there is some technical issue. The first thing is to check for the Feron level because low Feron levels cause this problem.

Aircon Needs a Gas

Increased Cooling Time and Electricity Bill

When your aircon lacks the refrigerant, it makes an extra effort to maintain the temperature. In this process, the cooling time and the electricity bill of the aircon are increased. If you are facing this issue, get an expert to check the Feron level of your aircon.

Strange Emissions

Your aircon can produce strange and weird sounds, smells, moisture or noises if it is low on refrigerant. Typically, if the Feron level is reduced, the aircon produces hissing or bulling sounds due to enough pressure. Sometimes you can also notice water dripping from your aircon.


Most homeowners are unaware of when their aircon needs a gas top-up. Re-gassing is crucial to know if you want your aircon to work normally. Your aircon gives you certain indications to make you aware of the issue. These indications include aircon blowing hot air, consuming more power, producing strange emissions, and not being able to distribute cool air throughout the room evenly.

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