How to Wash Aircon Filters

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Wash Aircon Filters

This guide contains ample explanation on how to wash aircon filters. Filters are an essential component of your aircon that catch dust particles and prevent them from entering the room with clean air. Therefore, filters are pretty crucial in the standard functionality of an aircon.

Knowing about the washing procedure of your filters is a vital component of aircon maintenance. With blocked filters, the aircon has to do much more hard work to throw clean air into the room. Blockage of filters will affect not only your aircon’s performance but its life.

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Events of Cleaning and Replacement of Filters

Cleaning the filters is one of the most crucial elements of an aircon’s maintenance. However, you should check the health of the filters before cleaning. Cardboard framing or any other textual issue will make the filters non-serviceable. In this case, you will need to replace the filters.

However, if they are serviceable and in good health, you must wash them adequately for their enhanced life cycle. You should have sound knowledge about the washing of filters to get going with it. This guide will help you through the process.

How Often Should We Clean the Aircon Filters?

There is a popular common perspective among the masses that cleaning the filters once a year during the maintenance of the unit is enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. It would help if you cleaned the aircon filters at least once a month.

You should clean the filters more frequently if you live in a relatively more polluted environment. Let your eyes be the inspectors to inspect the filters for any dust and decide on the cleaning of filters.

How to Wash Aircon Filters?

The following set of instructions will help you wash your aircon filters technically.

Locate the Aircon Filters

If you are curious about how to wash aircon filters, we will try to explain a step-by-step answer. Let us begin with the first step, locating the aircon filters. You can clean the filter only when you find them in the assembly of the aircon. Therefore, the first step is the physical realization of the filters.

First, you should remove the outer cover of the aircon. In the central aircon system, filters are present near the cold air return. You can also find it near the vent system spread throughout the home. While in ducted aircon, it is present behind the primary returning air duct in a ducted system.

Shut off the Power Supply

It would be best if you never worked on any electrical appliance with its input supply running. This practice will always cause life hazards to maintenance workers. Especially in the case of window AC the filters are dangerously close to the fan. 

Secondly, it is also vital to save the unit itself. Some components may get damaged if you do not take care of your aircon during maintenance.

Wash Aircon Filters

Remove the Filter and Clean it

Once you have located the filter of your aircon, its removal shouldn’t bother you anymore. It is highly likely that the filters will be layered with dust particles and will need a complete cleaning cycle.

Suck the dust with the use of a vacuum. You will remove the most proportion of the dust. Exposing all parts of the filter to the vacuum is essential to remove the dust from either side of the filter.

Soaking the Filter in Water and Vinegar

After removing the filter and passing it through the vacuum, the process will still need to be washed thoroughly. Before performing this step, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully because some manufacturers do not allow the unit to get wet.

If your manufacturer allows you to wash the filters, soak them in a mixture of water and vinegar. Let it be in the solution for at least an hour. After one hour, the filter will be clean. Just dry it before the round of use. Be sure to do the process carefully, as the filters are too fragile to handle high pressures.

Reinstall the Filter

Your filters are dry and fresh and in ready-to-rock condition. You need to put them back in the slot. Most filters have an arrow that will indicate in which direction they should be facing. This arrow is typically in the direction of airflow.

Turn on the Supply and Test the Unit

After completing the washing process, turn on the electricity supply and your aircon. If it works fine with efficient performance, you have done it.


How to wash aircon filters is an easy yet tricky question. Every homeowner must know the procedure to clean the filters. Moreover, it is valuable to see the interval after which it requires washing, different scenarios of cleaning, and the cleaning process itself.

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