5 Common Aircon Problems

5 Common Aircon Problems and Their Solutions

Common aircon problems occur in almost every home. Aircon becomes a must-have device assuming the scenario of a hot and humid summer day at any place.

Because without aircon, life is not easy in these conditions. The homeowners must have a basic knowledge of the science of Aircons and their adequate functionality.

Need of an Aircon

The aircon is a necessary appliance for hot summer days. This device cools and freshens the air in closer proximity. However, when you open it after the winter season, it might need some conditioning before the start.

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Not only before the start of next summer but during the season, the aircon’s service and maintenance are essential. If you fail in doing that, we will face some problems regarding the functionality of your aircon. After reading this article, you will have enhanced knowledge of the most common aircon problems and their solutions.

The Necessity of Having Basic Knowledge About Aircon Problems

If there is no electrician near your home and you come sweating to relax in your room, suddenly you feel your aircon is not working, what will be the feeling? It will be more than anything else for that particular time.

That is why understanding some common aircon problems and their probable solutions is vital. You can fix the issue yourself or communicate with a professional according to your situation.

Most Common AC Problems and Their Solutions

This guide will illustrate some of the most common problems of aircon. Following are the details of these problems.

AC is not working at all

Anon-responsive aircon is a frequent problem, and it often occurs when you restart your unit after the winter season. There are some essential checks for this kind of issue.

Check the Thermostat

Batteries: Thermostats are set in and forget the kind of devices that are often overlooked. After summer, batteries may not maintain a minimum charge that keeps them alive. Resultantly, the batteries may need to be changed. If this is the case, replace the batteries.

Settings: If the batteries are in good condition, check and adjust the thermostat settings as required. You may need to set it to cool mode if it is not already in this mode. Similarly, check the temperature and humidity level and make suitable adjustments.

Leaking Unit

If a small amount of fluid is expected out of the aircon, but if the draining fluid gets too much, it is an issue for the homeowner. This excessive leaking is an indication of a severe problem. An aircon unit can leak fluid because of multiple reasons.

The most talked about reason is the clogging of condensate. Clogging can happen because of dust and debris blocking the condensate pipe. A broken piece of the unit can also cause leaks.

Solution: You can clear the pipe according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also call a professional to do it for you.

Unbalanced Temperature in Different Parts of the Room

It is possible that a particular part of your house is cold and the other isn’t. Unbalance in temperature can be due to the vent system, airflow, position of windows, external temperature, and sunlight exposure.

The air con unit reaches out to some parts of the room more than others. That is why the temperature is not the same in all portions of the rooms despite the aircon running correctly.

Solution: This issue can be cleared by adequately insulating the room and closing the doors and windows. The use of curtains and blinds is also helpful. Dampers are also a popular solution to balance the room’s temperature and redistribute the airflow.

Aircon Blows Hot Air

Sometimes the aircon starts blowing hot air instead of cool air. This problem can happen because of multiple reasons. But you can check the following things:

Settings of the thermostat:

Sometimes thermostat is set to blow hot air instead of cool air. The aircon will blow hot air if your thermostat is set on hot air.

Solution: Change the settings to cool mode.

Limited airflow

If the airflow is limited, the aircon will not spread cool air in the room. Dirty air filters can restrict airflow.

Solution: Service the aircon parts properly and maintain them well.

Common Aircon Problems

Condenser is Malfunctioning

The condenser can malfunction if you do not clean it at least once a year. If the condenser does not work, the air will not be cool, and the hot air will circulate in the room.

Solution: Check and clean the condenser coils regularly.

Air Con is Producing Sound

Everyone wants a cool and comfortable room without any disturbance. The aircon should operate adequately and spread the cool air without causing considerable noise. If the AC starts producing noise, it will create a nuisance.

Screeching and squealing could mean that the belt is faulty. Rattling sounds may represent problems with the fans, motor, or compressors.

Solution: You may get lucky to understand the language of a screaming AC, but you need a professional to dampen the noise in most cases.


Common aircon problems are worth discussing. The users should know what they are using in their homes and what problems can occur to the system. Some common issues and possible solutions to enhance your knowledge on the said topic are discussed.

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