What is an Aircon Blower and How to Clean It?

The Aircon blower is the most essential component of the device. The aircon has many parts that work in synchronism to keep the overall operation as smooth as possible. Among these parts is the air conditioner blower. It is also known as the air conditioner fan. The aircon uses a blower to exit the warm air and replace it with cold air.

How Does a Blower Work?

One of the most important components of a blower is the blower wheel. It passes fresh air through the ducts. It improves the airflow around coolant tubes to expedite the cooling process. If the airflow is not proper around the tubes, the air will not be cooled properly. This can happen if you do not maintain your aircon well. 

Different Choices of Blowers

The blower also makes sure to increase the circulation of airflow to keep the machine in good condition. Blowers are available in the market in different sizes and shapes.  The right choice for your machine depends on the specifications of the machine itself. Some of the most common types of AC blowers are:

  •         Propeller fan
  •         Centrifugal fan
  •         Vane-axial fan
  •         Tube-axial fan

Types of Blower Fans

Types of blower fans are explained along with their normal use

Propeller Fan

Propeller fans are the most commonly used among competitors. These are mostly used in the split aircon used in the offices. The disc-type disc type wheels are placed on a circular plate along with a belt-driven motor. The operation of propeller fans produces a certain noise.  That is why these are situated in places where human activities are not disturbed such as windows or rooftops.

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Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fans are compact and powerful machines. It uses high pressure during its operation. The shape of centrifugal fans is similar to water wheels and hamster wheels. Since the centrifugal fans use high pressure, they produce a lot of noise.

That is why their settings must be as strict as possible. These types of fans are usually required in places where ductwork requires much more air. They are mostly used in air-handling units.

Vane-axial Fan

The shape of vane-axial fans is similar to standard fan wheels. They are like discs that are housed in cylindrical tubes. It aids the airflow way better because of its vanes. The axial vanes are important for the proper functioning of this type of fan. 

Tube-axial Fan

This is another type of fan that is used in AC blowers. These fans are externally built like car tires. The tube-axial fans are available in different sizes. These fans are available in the market from compact-sized small ones to bulky large units. 

Why is it Necessary to Clean Blower?

Dirt and debris can get trapped in the blower which makes the blower wheel virtually ineffective. This will cause an unpleasant odor as well as a loss of cooling. Resultantly, the aircon has to work harder to maintain the temperature. In this process, it consumes more power and ultimately the owners pay the price in terms of increased bills.

What is an Aircon Blower

 How Often Do We Need to Clean the Blower?

The blower wheels and ductwork needs cleaning and maintenance. This should be done at least in a year. This will clean the blower and the air around you will be fresh without any unpleasant odor. After all, this is what you give most importance to while using an aircon. 

Cleaning Steps of a Blower

It is important to clean the blower completely so that it does not require to be repaired later on. A common should have proper knowledge of the cleaning process so that he might be able to clean it himself. Even if he is not confident enough to do that, he should be able to deal with a professional in a better way. This section will explain the important steps for cleaning an AC blower. 

Step 1: How to Wash the Aircon Blower?

The first step in cleaning the blower is to get access to washable filters. Flip the cover of your aircon to reach out to the filters. Use clean water and soap to thoroughly wash and clean the filters.

Step 2:  Access the Impeller

In this step, you have to access the impeller by removing the flap and the air vanes. 

Step 3: How to Clean Aircon Blower Wheel?

For cleaning the impeller, you will need a paintbrush of probably half an inch in size. An aircon blower brush can also be used for the same purpose. The dust particles and debris accumulated over the impeller should be removed completely. Do clean the impeller gently and thoroughly. 

Step 4: Clean the Impeller Until It is Shining Clean

Remove the additional debris using a damp rag. Then, bring another clean and dry rag to clean the surface until it starts sparkling. 

Step 5: Blow out the Dust Through Vents

The final step is to turn on the aircon and let it blow all the dust through the vents. Use a vacuum pump or a handy sweeper to clean the space. 


An Aircon blower is one of the essentials of its normal operation. Blowers have different shapes and sizes and they vary from one aircon to the other. The blowers need to be cleaned at least once a year because they can catch dirt and debris from outside. This will disturb their operation. There is a certain technical way of cleaning the blower through which you can clean your blower and remove all the dirt and debris. 


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