Reduce Loud Aircon Noise

6 Tips to Reduce Loud Aircon Noise

No matter how effective cooling your aircon does, it can never be classified as an ideal aircon if it makes too much noise. An aircon system is preferred to be relatively peaceful and quiet so people can work placidly in their homes and offices. 

But sometimes, you may end up investing in an aircon system that, unfortunately, produces loud noises and can be pretty disturbing. However, you don’t need to replace the aircon in such situations. Instead, you can fix it or get it repaired so that the loud noise issue can be solved. 

Moreover, loud noise coming from an old aircon can also indicate functionality issues in the unit and compressor. Thus, it is crucial not to ignore the loud noise and take action immediately. The following guide highlights a few tips that can help you reduce the loud aircon noise. 

Tips to Reduce Loud Aircon Noise 

Though you can find multiple different hacks and tricks promising you to reduce loud aircon noise, there are still only a few of them that actually work. Below are six top methods to help you immediately locate and solve the noise issue.

1. Clean the Aircon Filters 

Most of the time, the loud noise issue occurs when the filters have not been cleaned timely and appropriately. Dirty filters can clog the air conditioning tubes, which causes the compressor to overwork and push the air forcefully. The excessive workload ultimately decreases the aircon’s cooling efficiency and produces a loud, scorching noise from the system.

Therefore, as soon as you hear a loud noise from the aircon, you must check whether the filters are clean. You should also ensure not to leave them dirty for a prolonged period, as it can further damage the compressor. Regular cleaning of the filters and proper aircon maintenance will progressively reduce the loud aircon noise.

To clean the filters, you don’t need extensive preparation. All you must have is a bucket of water, cleaning spray, and a hygienic piece of clothing. You will need to pull filters out of the AC unit to clean it. Never clean them while inside the indoor unit, as doing so can damage the aircon.

2. Lubricate the Motor 

If your aircon is old and has been working for a few years, it might be possible that the loud noise is coming from the motor. Like any other appliance, the aircon system also comprises an electrical motor that needs to be properly lubricated from time to time. If you don’t lubricate it timely, friction may produce within its system, resulting in loud noise. 

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Furthermore, if you continue to ignore this ailment, the motor can also get potentially damaged. That is why it is mandatory to closely check the compressor’s motor and maintain it from time to time. You don’t need to hire a professional technician to lubricate the coils. Instead, you can do it yourself using a suitable lubrication oil.

3. Maintain the Aircon System Regularly

Most of the aircon noise issues arise from poor maintenance of an aircon system. Besides noise problems, the lack of proper maintenance can also lead to other potential damages and hazards. That is why, if you want to avoid such complications, it is obligatory to keep your aircon system maintained and cleaned. 

Some people make the grave mistake of doing the maintenance tasks themselves. You can clean the filters yourself weekly. But when it comes to seasonal cleaning tasks, then it is suggested to hire a professional. An aircon technician can aptly clean the indoor unit and compressor from the inside out without causing any damage to the system. 

Tips to Reduce Loud Aircon Noise

4. Use of Noise Barriers and Blankets 

Sometimes, the issue resides in aircon manufacturing, which causes loud noise. In such situations, proper maintenance and timely repairs won’t even help to solve the ailment. Thus, in this case, you can opt for using noise barriers and noise blankets in your air conditioning unit. 

The noise blanket is a relatively cheaper method to lower the aircon noise, as it covers the compressor and minimizes noise production. However, it must be kept in mind that a noise blanket does not eliminate noise. Instead, it just reduces its pitch to tolerable levels. 

But if you want to eradicate the noise thoroughly, invest a little higher in noise barriers, as they can do this task effectively. These barriers function as buffers in the aircon’s compressor and block the sound waves from going outside. As a result, the noise level from the faulty aircon is wholly eliminated. 

5. Check the Available Space in Your Room

People often mistake buying the wrong-sized aircon for their homes and workplaces. If you seek the aspects of buying an ideal air conditioning system, you will realize how important it is to buy the right-sized aircon. If the aircon is too tiny, then the compressor may get damaged.

But when the indoor AC unit is too big for the space, then loud noise issues frequently occur. Therefore, to avoid any such issue, you must check the available space in the room and even scrutinize the BTUs (British Thermal Units) before purchasing an aircon system. 

However, if you have already purchased the bigger aircon unit, you can locate it in another space suitable for its size. Besides, if you want to use the aircon in the same room, you can also use noise barriers and blankets to reduce the noise levels. 

6. Replace Your AC Unit 

If you have tried all the abovementioned tips, but none of them seems to work aptly, then it might be possible that the aircon compressor is damaged. Though it is rare, many internal damages in the compressor and the indoor unit still radiate a loud noise from the system. 

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 15 to 18 years. But if your aircon brand is not good enough, its longevity can even be reduced to 10 years. Thus, the aircon may start to malfunction when its life span ends. Besides other issues, you may also notice a loud noise coming from the aircon system. 

Sometimes the compressor’s coils may also get damaged, which can cost you a hefty repair amount. Thus, replacing the AC unit is the only viable solution in such situations. If you opt for repairing the unit, it can be expensive. That is why it is suggested not to falsely spend on repairs and buy new air conditioning instead. 

Final Verdict:

With the help of the aforementioned aspects, you can easily scrutinize the noise issue in your air conditioning system. Once you locate the primary source, it won’t be challenging to solve the ailment immediately. If the loud noise is due to a maintenance issue, then you won’t have to spend much solving it. But the expenditure can be extensive when the voice is produced due to internal damage. 

If you are unable to locate the issue in the aircon responsible for the loud noise, then it is better to call a technician as he can help you locate and ultimately solve the noise issue. It has been recalled multiple times earlier that solving the noise issues timely is essential. If you don’t solve it soon, the damage can penetrate other parts of the aircon system. 

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