How to Clean Aircon Coils – A DIY Guide

Common man often worries about the questions like “how to clean aircon coils?”. Because almost every one of us comes across this kind of situation when our aircon needs cleaning and service, this is necessary for a flat floating aircon operation.

If the aircon is not working properly, it is very hard to imagine life on hot summer days. Therefore, you need to take care of the aircon and keep it clean so that it works normally.

Why Do We Need to Clean Aircon Coils?

The aircon condenser has the lead role in cooling the air. If the condenser is not clean, the aircon will not blow cool air. That is why cleaning the condenser coils is an important thing to maintain your aircon well. Some of the consequences of not cleaning the condenser are highlighted below:

Increased Operating Temperature

If the condenser is not clean, the fan and compressor have to work hard to achieve the desired temperature. This hard work increases the operating temperature inside the aircon.


A normal working aircon reduces humidity from the environment and makes it pleasant. However, if the condenser of the aircon is full of dirt and debris, it will not work properly and cause unwanted humidity inside the room.

Increased Cooling Cost

Less efficient operation of aircon increases its cooling cost and hence the undue stress on the users.

How Often Do We Need to Clean Aircon Coils?

The question largely depends on the use of aircon. How frequently you use the aircon will decide the cleaning frequency. If the aircon is used more frequently, you will need more maintenance and cleaning sessions. As a rule of thumb, you should clean it twice a year to keep your aircon in good operating condition. 

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Where are the Aircon Condenser Coils Located?

Both the indoor and outdoor units contain condenser coils. The indoor evaporator coil is normally either placed in your furnace and has its cabinet or is placed inside a fan coil or air handler unit. The condenser coil in the outdoor unit covers the interior components and poses like a side wall to the exterior. 

Methods of Cleaning Aircon Coils/ How to Clean Aircon Coils?

The methods of cleaning are not as easy as they might seem to be. However, you need to have a basic knowledge of the cleaning process. After this, you will be able to deal with and communicate with a professional in a better way. Some of the methods on “how to clean aircon coils?” are explained in the discussion below.

Cleaning Aircon Coils with Compressed Air:

Using compressed air for cleaning the outdoor condenser coils is a good and efficient method. Air is blown in the opposite direction of normal airflow. This will push the dirt outside. You should take care of the fins because if the air passes at an angle with the fins, they can get damaged.

This is because the fins are quite tiny and fragile and can get damaged upon application of force. But there is another question: “how to clean an aircon evaporator coil using compressed air?” The answer is; do not to use compressed air to clean the indoor evaporating coil. It will push the debris inside the home. 

Use of Detergents for Cleaning Coils on Aircon:

Many solutions to the cleaning process are available, but there is a simple and easy method that can also be economically utilized. In this method, we make the detergent water solution and apply it to the dirty parts until they are clean. But be sure not to use more acidic detergents to avoid corrosion of the material.

It is important to note that you cannot use the conventional high-pressure sprayer. Rather a low-pressure sprayer should be used. Similarly, pressure washers should not be used to avoid damaging the thin metal fins.

 Clean Aircon Coils

Use of Commercial Cleaners:

Many kinds of commercial cleaners are available in the market. You can use any of them depending upon the requirements. Different commercial cleaners are used for cleaning indoor evaporating coils and outdoor condenser coils.

Foaming cleaners are used for cleaning outdoors, while self-rinsing cleaners can be used for cleaning indoor coils. In the first step, you need to remove the dust or debris by hand. The next step for indoor coils is to apply cleaner and follow up by rinsing the coil with water as per the given instructions. 

While cleaning the outdoor condenser coils, a special brush is used to clear the larger debris. Afterward, rinse the evaporator oil product. This process will clean the condenser, and it will be back to its normal operation. 


As explained earlier, the query “how to clean aircon coils “is common among the masses. People usually do not know what to do if any technical issue has happened with the aircon. This guide contains all the information related to the said query. Popular methods of cleaning indoor and outdoor coils are illustrated vibrantly. 

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