5 Easy ways to extend the lifespan of your Aircon

The lifespan of aircon is essential from a homeowner’s perspective because everyone wants aircon in their home to minimize the hot blazing heat of the summer. Typically, the aircon is a touch more expensive. Therefore, homeowners think its once a lifetime investment.

However, if you do not maintain the aircon well, it can age very quickly, reducing the aircon’s lifespan. The filters, compressor, condenser, blower motor, and fans need regular service to remain in good health. Similarly, many other factors are crucial in increasing the AC’s lifespan.

Methods to Extend the Lifespan of Aircon

As described earlier, there are a few tips and tricks that can extend the lifespan of aircon. In this section, we will illustrate these methods in detail. This guide will undoubtedly help you enhance your knowledge on the said topic.

Choosing the Right Sized Aircon

The choice of your aircon is the first step that plays a vital role in the lifespan of an aircon. Different-sized rooms will require aircon of different sizes as well. For example, a 3800 square feet room and a 1000 square feet room will require different-sized aircon.

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When the aircon starts to operate in a sizeable-sized room than its capacity, its components will always work in overloaded conditions. Therefore, the lifespan of the aircon will shrink considerably. If you have already selected the aircon, you cannot do much at this point. The only thing that can help is to make partitions and add another aircon to reduce the overall load on one aircon.

Reduction in the Heat Loss

The insulation of the airconditioned room is crucial in maintaining the desired room temperature. When the doors and windows frequently open, the aircon components must work again to maintain the temperature. This effect will make life harder for these aircon components.

Therefore, it is better to use curtains and not frequently open doors and windows. Another aspect refers to the loss of cooling even when all the doors and windows are closed. This aspect can happen because the cool air can move out of your home through gaps and window pans. It is, therefore, recommended to use dual-pane windows and close all the sealing gaps.

Use of a Smart Thermostat

The old “set it and forget it” thinking about the aircon thermostats is increasingly becoming unpopular. Because now there are innovative ways to talk to your aircon and tell it your needs. You have read it right; your aircon will take care of your instructions and comfort.

Smart thermostats turn on the aircon by detecting the presence of the people inside the room. If you are leaving for work, it will turn off the unit. New technology tracks your GPS location and turns it on when you depart from your workplace to your home. The persons can also adjust the temperature smartly to optimize aircon use.

lifespan of Aircon

Regular Maintenance

Like any other gadget, your aircon components require continuous service and maintenance. Without maintenance, the aircon will stop blowing cool air after some time. Moreover, the parts of the aircon will age relatively quickly.

Proper washing of filters, cleaning of condenser coils,  cleaning blower wheels, and maintaining any malfunctioning part on time will increase the component’s lifespan and the aircon. Moreover, chemical cleaning is also a popular way to clean the integrants of the aircon. This technique will even increase the efficiency of the parts of the aircon.

The following parts of the aircon typically need cleaning and maintenance regularly:

  •         Blower wheel
  •         Fan bearings
  •         Condenser coils
  •         Compressor
  •         Fins
  •         Air filters

Turn Off the Humidifier in the Summer

When your AC has to work extra hard, it will reduce the lifespan of the components. There is an important and simple tip that might help most aircon users, and that is to turn off the humidifier in the summer. You might be thinking, why? Below is the answer explained.

The humidifier of the aircon adds moisture to the room to meet the required humidity threshold. On the contrary, the aircon takes out the moisture from the room to cool it. When two opposite functions go parallel, the aircon will be in trouble soon. Therefore to maintain the lifespan of the aircon, it is suitable to turn off the humidifying function so that the aircon should only focus on cooling the room.


The lifespan of aircon is vital because it is a lifetime investment. The lifespan of an air conditioner depends on its use and maintenance. Homeowners need to know the essential aspects of extending the life of their aircon. Choosing the right sized aircon, preventing heat loss, maintaining the unit regularly, using new technology-based smart thermostats, and turning off the humidifier during the summer are some of the standout factors that directly affect the life of an aircon.

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