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Why Does the Aircon Become Much Colder After Chemical Cleaning?

It might catch your attention that the aircon becomes much colder when they undergo chemical Cleaning. But what is chemical Cleaning of aircon, and how does that improve aircon cooling? We will try to answer these fundamental questions in this article.

Different cleaning methods are available to clean your aircon. These methods include dry Cleaning, vacuum cleaning, the use of coil cleaners and air compressors, and chemical cleaning are the most significant of the lot. However, we should also know what impact they create on the aircon once it is clean.

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Why Do We Need to Clean the Aircon?

Cleaning the aircon at least once a year is mandatory, or else the health of your unit will deteriorate with time. If you keep ignoring the Cleaning of your aircon, after some time, you will need to repair it or may even need to replace its components.

As said earlier, there are different cleaning methods, and each significantly impacts your aircon’s health after cleaning. After chemical cleaning, the aircon becomes much colder than before. We will discuss in the later section the reasons for this fact.

The Important Components that Need Cleaning

It is essential to clean the aircon, but what components to focus on and how to clean them? The following parts of an aircon are crucial to focus on during the cleaning process.

  •         Compressor
  •         Condenser coils
  •         Air Filters
  •         Blowers
  •         Fins
  •         Water Trays

All these components of an aircon work synchronously to cool the room. That is why cleaning all these components will keep them in good condition. In the later section, we will discuss the chemical cleaning method of aircon and its advantages over other methods.

Chemical Cleaning

Washing specific vital components of an aircon with chemicals is called chemical cleaning. Chemical Cleaning requires a trained technical person because handling the chemical and putting in the correct quantity of the chemical is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The following are the points worth noting about the chemical wash:

  • The technician will begin by removing the wall-mounted indoor unit of your aircon.
  • The next step is to grease the fan’s bearings to eradicate the noise effect.
  • Cleaning the water system prevents water leakages.
  • Fan evaporator tubes also require chemical wash to improve their functionality. These evaporators facilitate heat loss. Therefore, eliminating all the dust and debris from this component is crucial to clean the aircon thoroughly.
  • Refrigerant plays a crucial role in the cooling process, and without refrigerant, the aircon is just like a fan. Moreover, refrigerant is also the most pronto mud element of the aircon. Therefore, its chemical wash is a must.
  • Blower wheels and drain pipes also need chemical Cleaning to enhance their working capability.

Aircon Become Much Colder After Chemical Cleaning

Advantages of Chemical Wash

  •  The chemical cleans the air filters, condenser coils, and water trays appropriately so that the efficiency of the aircon improves after cleaning. The advantages of chemical Cleaning are listed below.
  • The chemical solution destroys the moulds and prevents the growth of newer ones. Moreover, the solution also kills dangerous bacteria that would otherwise affect human health.
  • Once you wash your aircon components with a suitable chemical solution, these parts of your aircon will work more efficiently because the chemical removes all the dust and debris. Therefore, the efficiency of these components will increase. Resultantly, the aircon will consume less power to maintain the temperature.
  • Since the chemical solution sterilizes the components of your aircon, you will get pure quality air in your room.
  • Chemical Cleaning is not possible without the help of an experienced professional. The professional will provide the cleaning services and check the aircon components if they require maintenance services. Resultantly, the aircon will be fresh after cleaning. 
  • During the chemical wash, all components are cleaned and appropriately rinsed, preventing the components’ corrosion.

Why does the Aircon Become Much Colder After Chemical Cleaning?

It is essential to know that dirt and moulds are the main culprits of reducing the aircon’s efficiency—the dirt aggregates in the framework of your unit affect it badly. Moreover, the functionality of the heating system is also crucial for the working of the aircon.

Chemical wash extracts all the dirt destroys the moulds and prevents their further growth. In this way, the components will remain in good health. Furthermore, chemical washing also minimizes all the effects obstructing thermal conductivity. Conclusively, when the aircon goes through a chemical wash, it becomes much colder than before.


An aircon becomes much colder after chemical cleaning because a chemical wash of all significant components of the aircon affects its overall efficiency. During the chemical wash, dirt and moulds are eradicated, and parts are properly rinsed in the solution. The quality of air also improves after a chemical wash of the aircon.

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