5 ways to Reduce Your Aircon Power Consumption

How to reduce aircon power consumption? It is a question that almost everyone wants an answer to. Because aircon has become a necessity of a modern home. The hot, humid summer days enforce the requisition of an aircon. However, whatever comfort you bring into your life has some price that you have to pay. 

You need to know the power rating of the aircon; because the power consumption of an aircon is an unpredictable cost that depends on many factors. Ideally, the aircon should consume power according to its power rating, but this is rarely the case in practical life. This is so because the power rating of an aircon is for ideal conditions which do not exist practically. 

If you do not use the aircon efficiently, the energy meter will give you heartbreak in terms of your energy bill. That is why everyone wants to know the efficient use of aircon to reduce aircon power consumption. The following 5 methods are explained in the context of the above discussion.

Avoid Non-Stop Usage:

Some people use the aircon 24/7 and expect the bill to be according to their wishes. That is not going to happen in real life. You need to use the aircon efficiently to achieve better results in terms of reducing the bill. Using the aircon continuously will put a lot of burden on the components of the aircon. 

When the components heat up or are overused, the aircon has to make more effort to cool the room, resulting in increased power consumption. That is why it is necessary to give breaks to the aircon when everyone is away or when the temperature of the room is reasonably cool. This practice will keep the aircon in good working condition, and its power consumption will also reduce.

Turn the Thermostat Up One More Degree

If you are planning to reduce the power consumption of an aircon, this technique will help you a lot. The aircon consumes much more power with each degree increase in the outside temperature. But if you set your thermostat one degree higher than it is usually set at, it will have a significant impact on the power consumption. 

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This method can be implemented with the cooperation of all the aircon members. So it is better to arrange a meeting with all the colleagues/ family members and explain your goal of energy-efficient use of the aircon.

Use of A Smart Thermostat:

If the aircon is working when it is not even needed. For example, when everyone is away, and the room does not need cooling anymore, the thermostat should be able to recognize the situation and turn off the power consumption. 

In the modern era, smart or automated thermostats are available with the capability of programmable schedules to reduce power consumption when cooling is not needed. Thermostats based on new technologies learn from your schedule and program themselves accordingly. This will help to reduce power consumption significantly. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Insulate the Room

While installing an aircon, some of the basic things are usually ignored. Like any other project, the installation of an aircon needs planning. If you have the choice of installation in different places, choose the best location where the aircon will work properly without any extra burden on its components. 

During the operation hours of an aircon, try to keep the room closed and avoid letting the warm air from outside. This makes your aircon unit work hard to keep the temperature to the pre-set value.

The suitable room for aircon installation is the one with less number of windows and doors, and these sorts of rooms are easier to insulate. Moreover, the location outdoors is also important in the context of the power consumption of an aircon. 

The outdoors should be placed such that they are not exposed to the sun for most of the day. This will put less burden on the components of the aircon. 

Reduce Aircon Power Consumption

Regular Maintenance and Service:

Like any other equipment, the aircon also needs to go through regular maintenance sessions. Your aircon must be checked regularly, and its components should be serviced regularly. The benefit of maintenance is that the components are regularly monitored and checked for any failure.

Many issues are resolved during maintenance before they happen. In the case of Aircons, you must pay attention to the cleaning of air filters. Because dirt or debris accumulation over there can make life harder for your aircon, and resultantly, it will consume more power.

The fins of the filters should also be maintained to regulate the airflow properly. All these measures are taken to efficiently use the aircon and to reduce aircon power consumption.


In this article, the top ways to reduce aircon power consumption are explained quite comprehensively. These power reduction methods are related to the efficient use of the aircon, properly planned installation, regular maintenance, and use of the smart thermostat.

These techniques are quite helpful in achieving an optimum way of getting the services of an aircon at a minimum possible power consumption.

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