8 Things About Aircon Power Consumption

8 Things About Aircon Power Consumption

Aircon has become one of the most vital necessities today in the world. This is because of the gradual hike in temperature all over the world. In such a situation, an air conditioner becomes the top priority of probably every household. As it is an electric appliance. 

You may wonder what amount of electricity it consumes and what are its characteristics regarding that matter. Do not worry in the slightest, you are at the right place. I will give you 8 different things about the power consumption of an aircon.

Further in this article, you will get a deeper insight into those 8 things. So, sit back, relax and make sure to read till the end and illuminate yourself with knowledge.

8 Things About Aircon Power Consumption

The 8 things we are about to discuss regarding the aircon power consumption are mainly about the factors that affect the power consumption of any aircon. These factors are;

1. Effect of Number of People on the Power Consumption:

It may not seem like it, but the number of people in the room where an air conditioner is being used greatly affects the power consumption of that aircon. This is because when there are many people in a single room, the temperature of that room gets increases because of human body temperature. 

Now, to get this temperature to optimally cool levels, an air conditioner has to perform great work due to which it consumes more power.

2. Effect of other Device Usage on Power Consumption:

The usage of any other electric device other than an aircon also affects the amount of power being consumed by the aircon. This usage affects the power consumption because other appliances also use some amount of power. 

Now, to meet its output requirements of it, the air conditioner has to use more power than that. This renders the air conditioner using more power than usual increasing the power consumption.

3. Effect of Relative Temperature on Power Consumption:

Power consumption also depends on the difference between the temperature of the outside environment and the inside environment. This affects the power consumption in a way that when the inner and outer temperatures of the environment are at almost the same levels.

Then, an air conditioner has to perform more work to cool the inner temperature. Due to this, the power consumption increases.

4. Effect of Room Size on Power Consumption:

The size of the room where an aircon is installed also affects the power consumption of the aircon. This is because the electricity required to cool down the temperature of a larger room is much higher than the one required to cool small rooms.

Due to this, the air conditioner consumes much more power to start the cooling process.

Aircon Power Consumption

5. Effect of Inanimate Objects on Power Consumption:

The number of objects in your room also affects the power consumption of the air conditioner. The objects in your room also have some temperature of their own. So, when an aircon starts cooling, they start to cool down as well. This unnecessary cooling also requires additional power.

6. Effect of Air Volume:

This factor is somehow related to the room size because the air volume in the room also depends on the room size. But, in some cases, the air volume is large even in small rooms. In such cases, an aircon does more work to cool it down and consumes much more power.

7. Effect of Tropical Areas on Power Consumption:

In tropical areas, where temperature throughout the year is relatively high, air conditioners consume high amounts of electricity. This is because of the high environmental temperature that the aircon has to perform huge work to cool the air down and end up using more power.

8. Effect of AC Size on Power Consumption:

The size and capacity of an aircon also affect the power consumption because the capabilities of an Air Con are according to its usage. This is because large air conditioners require much higher power levels.

After all, they are for greater purposes. On the other hand, small ACs can easily operate optimally on low power levels.


In conclusion, power consumption is one of the most important factors for any person who owns or is thinking of getting an aircon. This is because the power consumption of an aircon decides the load on your pocket and will prove very fatal if high.

So, always try to get an air conditioner that consumes less power and gives high output. Also, keep the servicing and maintenance of the aircon top of the list after getting an air conditioner. Because this also decides the power consumption of an air conditioner.

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1. What is the power consumption of an aircon?

The power consumption of an aircon depends on its output capacity and size. This is because there are different types of air conditioners in the world. For that, studies show that a large aircon consumes almost 1400 watts per hour and a small aircon consumes about 500 watts per hour. These are the power consumption values of air conditioners.

2. Why does AC consume more power?

Mostly, an aircon does not consume large amounts of electricity. The only cases where an aircon consumes high electricity is when it is not serviced for a long time. This makes the air conditioner dirty and blocks its major components like coils and condenser, etc. This results in the consumption of high electricity to match the output level.

3. How do you calculate power consumption?

You can calculate the power consumption of any kind of electric device easily. You just have to take a product between the wattage of the electric device and the number of its operational hours.

You have to keep in mind that power consumption depends mainly on the number of operational hours. So, always keep track of the time while using an aircon.


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