How Long Aircon Piping Last

How Long Aircon Piping Last – Ultimate Guide

Aircon piping is one of the essential parts of the air conditioner unit and is very important in keeping the whole unit working correctly. It is also one such component that lasts very long if the users take proper care.

The exact duration of an aircon piping depends on the material and the build quality of the pipe. But we can increase the use time through several factors, which we will come to shortly in this article.

Types Of Aircon Piping Materials

There are two main types of aircon piping materials:

1.    Copper

Copper is an excellent material and is now the only choice over other materials when making aircon piping. It is anti-corrosive, cheap, and lasts a very long time compared to other materials.

Being anti-corrosive, it is resistant to the rust being built up in the piping due to the changes in the temperature of the air. It is also cost-effective in the long run, as it lasts long and does not need repair after some use.

1.    Aluminium

This is one of the most commonly used piping materials, but newer models are shifting towards copper. This is because it is not very long-lasting and is also very expensive.

It also lacks anti-corrosion properties as compared to copper. Copper is replacing this in new models, but older and new cheap models still use aluminum as piping material.

How Long Aircon Piping Last

Aircon piping is some of the only components of the unit that are not prone to decay, does not rot, and can last very long. The performance of the piping is excellent in the first year, after which it can easily maintain a good working job for more than 10, and in some cases, even more than 15 years.

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Thus if you pay good heed to some of the factors while installing the piping, you can ensure good results for an extended period. You will only need to set up the piping once, which will stay with you for many years.

How To Increase Aircon Piping Duration

Some of the most critical factors you should keep in mind to make sure the duration of your piping is extensive are:

1.   Material Quality

It is well known about materials that the more expensive an item is, the more high quality it is and will last for a very long time. Though this is not always the case, it is in the case of aircon piping. Making sure that you are getting good quality pipes can increase their life span by a considerable margin.

If you use cheaper and low-quality materials, you call for problems even in the first few years of use. Low-quality pipes can put the aircon in danger of short circuits, less cooling effect, and increased possibility of repairing them in the first years of their life.

All these factors also put a strain on the pockets of the users in the long run. Thus make sure to spend a little extra when buying aircon piping, and you won’t have to worry about them for a long time. The importance of aircon piping material only comes to our attention when defective ones are used and cause us a lot of trouble.

Aircon Piping Last

2.   Installation

Sound installation does an excellent job of protecting the piping’s quality and performance over a long time. The installing technician must pay close attention to the proper set-up of the piping material and should use high-quality tools and protective materials to ensure that the piping is well protected and can survive extended use.

Improper installation techniques open the door to many problems, like damage from rain and water and leakage of the inside gas, and also increase the risk of early rusting. Thus sound installation is essential for the performance of the piping.

3.   Insulation

Aircon piping is only as protected as the outer insulation material. Insulation prevents the build-up of condensation vapours in the piping and protects the pipe from any damage due to heat.

Improperly done insulation can prove harmful to the piping and decrease its life span. Thus make sure to get the help of an expert technician when insulating the aircon piping.


Aircon piping is one of the most crucial parts of the aircon unit and is not the one you should ignore. Making sure you are using the best quality materials, proper installation techniques, and sound insulation will undoubtedly increase the life span of the piping of your aircon.

You can enjoy cool rooms without worrying about your aircon unit. Paying proper attention to the piping can allow you to use the same pipes for as long as 15 years.

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