Best Aircon Repair Services in Singapore

The 5 Best Aircon Repair Service Providers in Singapore 2022

No one likes a broken aircon, especially during the hot and humid summer months. If your aircon requires repair, don’t worry, there are plenty of repair service providers in Singapore. However, before you call one, it’s important to understand the different types of services they offer so that you can make an informed decision. 

There are many aircon repair service providers in Singapore, but not all of them are equal. What are the best options for your needs? 

If you’re in quick need of an aircon repair service in Singapore, you can count on the team at the PS Aircon Service company. The company has years of experience repairing all brands and models of aircon, and they always use quality parts and materials in work.

As a plus point, they also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your home or business.

In this blog post, we will help you make the right decision by comparing some of the most popular options in the city-state. 

Why do you need an aircon repair service?

It’s always a good idea to have your air conditioning unit serviced by a professional regularly. You can save money on your energy bills if you maintain your air conditioning unit well.

You can ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently all summer long by hiring a professional aircon repair service. In addition, they will check for any potential problems with the unit so that they can be addressed early on.

Top Aircon Repair Services in Singapore

  1. PS AC Service 

PS Aircon Service is a leading airconditioning company that offers repair, installation, and other related help services. They are in business for over 7 years and have a team of 25 qualified technicians. The company strives to ensure that customers are satisfied with its services.

Here is the list of services they are providing:

  1. Not Cold Fix
  2. Leaking Fix
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Repair
  5. Gas Top Up
  6. Installation
  7. Overhaul
  8. Chemical Wash
  9. General Servicing

Why Choose PS Service?

PS Aircon Service provides air conditioning services throughout Singapore. For both households and businesses, they provide aircon troubleshooting services that are affordable and reliable. Customers’ needs are met by providing quality service by professional workers.

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2. Luce Aircon

Luce Aircon is another company that specializes in air conditioning repairs and maintenance in Singapore. They have years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the business, and the team of professionals is available 24/7 to help you out. The company is committed to providing quality service at an affordable price, so you can always stay cool during those hot summer months.

Their Top Services

  • Servicing
  • Chemical Wash
  • Chemical Overhaul
  • Gas Top Up
  • Repair
  • Installation

Why Choose Them?

They have experts in air conditioning and understand the Singapore climate. Perhaps you need a reliable and affordable solution for repairing your AC unit. Finally, if you’re looking for a company that offers 24-hour emergency repair services they can be an option to consider. 

3. Good Cool Aircon Service

Good Cool is a specialized air conditioning repair service that offers quality service at the best price possible. All services come with a money-back guarantee. In the industry, their technicians are among the best.

Top Services 

  1. Servicing 
  2. Chemical Wash
  3. Chemical Overhaul
  4. Repairing
  5. Gas top up
  6. Installation

Why hire them?

No matter what is your reason for choosing Good Cool service, you can be sure that you’re getting quality repair service from a team of experienced professionals. Based in Singapore, They have been providing reliable air conditioning repair services to customers throughout the city-state for over 5 years. 

4. Air Control Aircon Repair Service

The Air Control is a professional air conditioning repair company that has been servicing the residents of Singapore for over 5 years. Their work is of high quality, and their customer service is friendly.

Their team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. In addition, they offer a 90-day service warranty on all repairs, as well as free estimates. If you want affordable and reliable air conditioning repair services, Air Control can be a good choice. 

Top service 

  1. One-Time General Servicing
  2. Yearly Contract Maintenance
  3. Chemical Cleaning
  4. Servicing Deals & Promotion
  5. Checking & Troubleshooting of Aircon Fault

Why Trust Them?

The best thing that I felt to trust them is, that they offer a 90-day service warranty on all of our repairs. Their confidence in the quality of their work shows. You can be sure your air conditioning unit is in good hands with their highly trained and experienced technicians. 

Aircon Repair Services

5. DW Aircon 

DW Aircon is a reliable aircon servicing company with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Their skilled staff provides top-quality services, and always aims to satisfy the customers.

The company has more than 1000 five-star ratings on Google Reviews, so you can be sure that you’re making the right decision by choosing DW Aircon.

Top Services

  1. Servicing
  2. Maintenance
  3. Repair
  4. Installation
  5. Leaking Water
  6. Chemical Overhaul
  7. Chemical Cleaning
  8. Chemical Wash
  9. Not Cold
  10. Gas Top Up
  11. Servicing Contract
  12. Commercial and Industrial Services

Why they are reliable?

DW Aircon is a 10-year expert in this service. They provide reliable and efficient services to their customers, ensuring that all their needs are met. DW Aircon has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are always up for a challenge. They work diligently to get the job done right, every time. 

Factors to consider when hiring an aircon repair company 

It is important to assess the company’s credentials, background, and references before hiring them for air conditioning repairs. Be sure to ask the company for a list of references and contact them to ask about their experience with the company.

Many companies offer free estimates, so be sure to ask for one before deciding which company to hire. Check with the company to see if there are any additional fees involved, such as trip or service fees.

Before making a decision, it is a good idea to read online reviews about the company. This can help you get a feel for what other people have experienced when working with the company.

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