What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean Your Aircon?

Aircon is the most popular mean of keeping the air cool in your homes or offices in such hot weather. It could also be used in cold situations to increase the room temperature. Now, even if you have good aircon, it will not work effectively if you do not clean properly. So, cleaning your air conditioner is a must for every owner.


What will happen if you do not clean your aircon? If you do not clean your aircon thoroughly, it could lead to high electricity consumption, no air conditioning and evaporating coils may also freeze. So, if you want to avoid these conditions, you need to clean your air conditioner.


Further ahead in this article, you will get a deep insight into the disadvantages that not cleaning your aircon gives you. So, read till the end.

Results of Not Cleaning Your Aircon

When it comes to leaving your aircon dirty and not taking care of its cleaning, then there are lots of bad things that you would have to face when you are using your air conditioner. These things include;

1. Inefficiency

The first thing you would have to face is the falling efficiency of your aircon. You will see that the cooling capability of your aircon will become worse and worse day by day. Then, a time will come that the air conditioner will consume electricity but no cooling will be done.

2. Loss of Money

Using a dirty aircon certainly puts a great toll on your budget because studies show that a dirty air conditioner consumes 15% more electricity. So, if you are using dirty aircon, you would have noticed that the electricity bills are hiking. This is all because of dirty air conditioners. So, try to clean them regularly.

3. Bad Air Quality

When you use a dirty aircon, the air it throws out is full of dust and dirt and makes the air quality bad. It could lead to fatal allergies and different respiratory issues. It also makes a person feel irritated because the dirt on the skin becomes more and more frustrating. So, keeping your aircon clean also tackles this condition.

4. Lesser Air Conditioner Life Span

A dirty aircon has to perform a lot of work to throw out cool air into the environment. This overwork puts a great toll on the air conditioner’s machinery and small parts. Due to this overwork and load, the aircon does not live up to its expected life span and becomes useless fast.

5. Bad Sleeping Conditions

Using a dirty aircon completely ruins the optimal sleeping conditions for you. This happens when the usage of dirty air conditioners becomes on par with a normal aircon. Due to frequent usage of dirty air conditioners, the air quality constantly falls and it makes sleeping frustrating for you which is not good.

How to Keep Your Aircon Clean?

Cleaning your aircon is extremely vital for AC owners. So, in that case, you should follow the most optimal measures to clean your aircon. There are various ways, but there is a huge chance of damaging your air conditioner if you take those measures.

not clean your aircon

First off, use proper equipment to clean your air conditioner and focus mainly on the AC filters because they are the most important. Now, even when you have cleaned the air conditioner yourself, there remain some parts that you could not reach. So, always try to contact a professional for this. When it comes to the frequency of cleaning, then it will not be wrong to say that cleaning your air conditioner once a month is the perfect period.


In conclusion, once you get an aircon to make your home or office cool, it becomes your duty and necessity to clean that aircon because you want to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner all the way. Also, you do not want your loved ones to be getting any allergies or respiratory disorders. So, always clean your air conditioner regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the AC is dirty?

When an aircon becomes dirty, its efficiency falls to very low levels. Its effects will be seen in ways that your electricity bills will skyrocket and it will cease to do any air conditioning. Also, its coils will not filter heat effectively and the whole purpose of installing an air conditioner will be lost.

Is it safe to use dirty aircon?

No, it is not safe to use dirty aircon. This is because when dirt covers the coils and most areas of the air conditioner’s insides, it could lead to respiratory issues. These respiratory issues could be either asthma or respiratory allergies. These are just the initial issues, if it is not contained, they could even lead to dangerous infections.

So, try to never use a dirty air conditioner.

Is cleaning the aircon necessary?

Yes, it is of utmost necessity to regularly clean your aircon. This is because cleaning your aircon maintains your air conditioner’s efficiency. Also, it saves you from health problems that may be caused by dust and dirt. So, it is necessary.

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