How to Choose the Best Aircon

How to Choose the Best Aircon in 2022

Blazing and fiery summers have prompted everyone to install aircon in their homes and offices. According to the latest figures, 1.9 billion air conditioners are used worldwide, and their average use is rapidly increasing. The hike in demand has accelerated the quality and specification rivalry among competitors in the market. 

As a result, multiple types of aircon with varied specifications have been introduced in the market. However, not every aircon is quality-wise optimal and utilitarian enough. If you want to choose the best aircon, there are a few points that you should keep in mind while making the purchase. 

The following context aptly guides you on how to choose the best aircon in 2022.

6 Aspects You Should Seek to Choose the Best Aircon

An ideal aircon should not only be fast enough in its cooling efficiency but must be economical as well. An aircon will be considered un-productive if it does not promptly or appropriately cool the place. Similarly, if the aircon is not energy-friendly, you may end up paying extensive bills pushing you out of the budget. 

Therefore, buying an aircon that maintains a healthy balance among its specifications is essential. The following are the top six aspects that determine an air conditioner’s specifications and can directly influence its productivity. 

1. Air Con Type

The foremost aspect you should analyze while purchasing the aircon is its type. Contradictory to common misconception, the type of aircon you opt for does not only affect its physical appearance but also impacts its functionality. Below are a few significant types of aircon that are commonly used worldwide. 

  • Split Aircon
  • Inverter Aircon
  • Window Aircon
  • Portable Aircon
  • Ductless Aircon

Split Air Con:

Split Aircon is the most common type of aircon, typically found in households and small offices. They are the modified versions of window ACs and are preferred for extensive room cooling. The latest editions offer multi-functional AC splits that can cool, humidify, and heat the room under different specifications. 

Inverter Aircon

Inverter ACs are the advanced type of split aircon having a modified compressor that controls the frequency of power supplied to the system. Inverters are infamous for their energy-efficient functioning, implying that they minimize power usage. However, the compressor performs this energy-saving task without causing a drop in the aircon’s working efficiency. 

Window Aircon

Window aircon can be classified as the primitive form of air conditioners designated for cooling targeted places. Unlike split ACs, it does not target the entire room for cooling but in a certain direction.

However, an aspect that makes this aircon somewhat favorable is that it is more cost-effective than a split AC. Thus, a window aircon can be considered for small offices, workplaces, or rooms. 

Portable Aircon

As suggested by its name, this aircon is meant to be mobile and portable. These air conditioners are small and compact in size and have wheels at the bottom, using which you can drag them from room to room. Such an aircon is suitable for small rooms or a few persons.

Ductless Air Con

Regarding size, ductless air conditioners are quite similar to the previous aircon. However, unlike them, the ductless aircon is not portable and movable. The ductless air conditioners are made for small apartments where space is a major issue. 

the Best Aircon in 2022

2. Aircon Size 

The functionality of your aircon is directly proportional to its size. If the aircon is too small for the room, the system might fail to perform its function aptly. Moreover, the compressor might get under strain and become damaged due to overperformance issues. 

Similarly, the environment in your neighborhood, humidity level, and ventilation system of your place will also influence the ideal aircon size for your place. Therefore, if you want an ideal air conditioner for your place, you must not neglect the importance of choosing the appropriate size. 

3. EER and SEER Ratings 

Energy Efficient Ratings (EER) and Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratings (SEER) are energy-consumption ratings that describe whether the appliance is energy efficient. If your appliance is above “Level 13” of these ratings, it can be considered eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

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An energy-efficient device not only reduces your utility bills but can also be less strenuous on the environment. Thus, while buying an aircon, you should also aim for an air conditioner that must have a higher EER and SEER rating. Among all aircon types, inverters are considered to have the highest EER ratings.

4. Aircon Features 

Gone are those days when an aircon was intended to lower the room’s temperature. But these days, several features have been introduced into air conditioners, making them multi-functional and more productive. For instance, you can seek a heat mode in your aircon, which can prove advantageous in winter. 

Similarly, an aircon with a specialized dry mode can be helpful if you live in a humid area. However, the best part about these features or modes is that you don’t have to pay an additional price. Thus, if you can get these features for free, you should never miss them. The following are a few advanced modes common in advanced aircon. 

  • Self-Clean Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Dry Mode
  • Humid Mode
  • Heat Mode
  • Freeze Protection Mode 

5. Aircon Coils

Many people make the mistake of not acknowledging the quality of the condenser coils. Usually, the condenser coils are either made of aluminum or copper. The functionality of both coil types is almost the same.

But the difference exists in their maintenance and repair techniques. If you seek low-maintenance coils, the condenser with aluminum is the best. However, the condenser with copper coils is easier to repair when it comes to damage repair. 

6. Aircon Warranty

Lastly, you should also check the air conditioner’s warranty. The warranty of an aircon can describe a lot about its quality and longevity. Therefore, while buying the aircon, you must never ignore the importance of the aircon’s warranty. 

Various air conditioners offer different types of warranty. Some companies insure the entire aircon, while others offer a warranty on specific aircon parts. You must consult with the dealer and determine all the aspects of your aircon’s warranty before investing in it. 

Final Verdict 

If you carefully comprehend all the above-mentioned aspects, you will definitely choose the best aircon rather than buy the wrong aircon. It must be kept in mind that an ideal aircon is the one that suits your place’s demands and requirements. You cannot expect a conditioner to work equally well enough in two different places. The infrastructure and environmental conditions can impact the functional tendencies of an aircon. 

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