Should I Install Mitsubishi Aircon System 3 or System 4?

Buying a multi-functional aircon system has become necessary for every home and workspace. Usually, when purchasing an aircon, people don’t scrutinize the importance of having the right compressor size. But when the compressor gets damaged due to overload, they realize how crucial it is to buy the appropriate aircon size. 

If you are also confused about choosing between the Mitsubishi Aircon Systems 3 and 4, then the following context may help you make a wise selection. The aspects mentioned below will guide which Mitsubishi aircon system is better for your place. 

What are the Differences Between Mitsubishi Aircon Systems 3 and 4?

The major difference between the two aircon systems is the capacity and the number of rooms in which you can install them. If you want to use the air conditioner in three rooms simultaneously, then the Mistubishi Aircon 3 is the right choice as it comes with three indoor units and one compressor.

However, if you want to install the system in more than three rooms, including the living room, it is better to opt for Mitsubishi Aircon 4. The Mitsubishi Aircon System 4 comes with four indoor units and one compressor. The compressor is designed to bear the excessive workload of the four units. 

This means that you can use all four compressors simultaneously using the Mitsubishi System 4. Besides, there are also a few other factors that can help you decide which air conditioning system is the best for your requirements.

What are Factors That Help to Decide The Best Aircon?

Contrary to what some people think, the Mitsubishi 3 and 4 systems share many other variations besides having different sizes. Not only do their compressor has different construction, but they also vary slightly in their features and modes. 

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That is why it is mandatory to go through all the differences between the two Mitsubishi aircon models. The following are a few significant aspects that can help you decide which Mitsubishi air conditioner is ideal. 

1. Space and Usage

Before purchasing the aircon, you need to analyze your average aircon usage. If you want an aircon that must work simultaneously in more than three rooms, then it is better to opt for the larger-sized compressor, i.e., Mitsubishi System 4. But if your aircon usage is not extensive, then the System 3 aircon is the one you should opt for. 

Moreover, you should also check the available space in your home or workspace. People usually make the mistake of not analyzing the available space before purchasing the aircon. As a result, they end up regretting buying the wrong-sized air conditioner. That is why you must examine the capacity in your place first and determine the number of indoor units you can fit there. 

If you don’t purchase the right aircon size, the compressor may get burdened and damaged soon. Besides, the functionality of an air conditioner is also reduced when it has to work in a space bigger than its capacity. Thus, to avoid such unnecessary damages and frequent repairs, you must buy an air conditioner whose size is appropriate for your place. 

2. Budget 

While buying the Mitsubishi aircon system, you should never neglect the budget aspect. The capacity of an air conditioner directly influences its price, implying that the system 4 aircon is more expensive than its previous system 3 edition. The difference between the two systems is massive and can heavily impact your budget.

People who are relatively short on a budget choose the aircon system 3 initially. They later update it by making capacity changes for a certain amount. However, technically upgrading the aircon later will cost you even more than the Mitsubishi System 4 aircon. Thus, you must wisely decide your budget for the air conditioner after determining your needs.

3. Features and Modes

Besides variation in capacity, the Mitsubishi Aircon Systems 3 and 4 also differ in their modes and features. The aircon system 4 has a few advanced SMART modes that system 3 lacks. It also features energy-saving modes like ECO MODE, which can be cost-effective as your electricity bill will be effectively reduced. 

If you opt for installing these features later in your system, it will cost you more than the initial price. Therefore, while deciding between the two aircon systems, you should understand all the modes and features detailedly to make a better choice between the two options. 

Mitsubishi Aircon System 3 and System 4

4. Energy Usage and Ratings

Contrary to what some people think, every aircon system has different energy usage and SEER ratings. If you don’t understand these ratings beforehand, then you will end up paying extensive utility bills every month. Thus, it would be best to analyze both systems’ EER and SEER ratings before making the final choice.

The system with a higher SEER or EER rating indicates that the air conditioning system is more energy-efficient and, thus, cost-effective. Thus, you should aim to purchase an aircon system with a higher rating, as it will prove cost-efficient in the future. 

5. Installation and Maintenance 

Lastly, you should also check the installation and maintenance costs of the system, as it can massively impact the final budget. Larger-sized air conditioning systems are more difficult and expensive to install and maintain. 

Installation charges are once-paid, but the maintenance cost will be paid from time to time. That is why you must consider how much you will be willing to spend years on the aircon’s maintenance charges. 

Mitsubishi company usually provides a service provider upon purchase that will install your air conditioning system effectively. However, the maintenance expenditures must be paid by the customer, and the company is not liable to accommodate those charges.


Here we conclude the list of crucial aspects for choosing the ideal aircon system. By comprehending and implementing these factors, you can choose the best air conditioner for your place between Mitsubishi aircon Systems 3 and 4. 

Besides determining the features of the aircon system, you will also have to determine whether the aircon lies within your budget and whether you will be able to bear its maintenance expenditures. 

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