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Best Portable Aircons In Singapore To Beat The Heat

Singapore has been experiencing a significant increase in heat in the past few days. This has affected all of us in our daily lives. Most of us have to go to our offices during the daytime, and they are protected from the heat through the office air cons.

But when we come to our houses after the office, the heat begins to catch up and affects us gravely. Thus we do need an excellent way to protect ourselves from the heat. This can be achieved with the use of portable air cons.

But the portable aircon Singapore market is also wide, and choosing the best one amongst a vast collection can be tricky.

To familiarise you with the features of the best portable Aircons in Singapore, we offer a buying guide to help you get the best aircon for an affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Portable Aircon

While choosing the best portable Aircons in Singapore, look for the following features as they will help you choose the air conditioner for your needs:

Size Of The Room

The size of the room matters a lot when choosing the aircon, as small Aircons will not be able to handle the heat in larger rooms and halls. When selecting a portable aircon for yourself, always look for the room guidelines provided with the aircon, and go for the one that gives you the best cooling results.

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British Thermal Unit is the measure to look for when choosing the best aircon for rooms. The larger the BTU, the larger the aircon can cover. Always look for the Aircons when looking for air conditioners.

Energy Consumption

The Aircons, which give the best efficiency and cooling for the energy they consume, are the best for many users as most of us do not want bill prices going through the roof. Always look for the energy consumption labels provided by the Aircons.

These labels are of various grades. Grade A is the best amongst all these, which means that the aircon will give the best energy efficiency. Lower grades like grades B, C, and D offer good, if not the best, energy efficiency. Always go for higher grades as they will give you the best energy efficiency.


Portable air cons work by sending hot air out of the room and replacing it with cool air. Thus they need a sound ventilation system to work correctly. An aircon placed near a closed window will work best as they will be able to vent the air out in a proper way. In the same way, getting a portable aircon without exhaust is not recommended, as there will be low ventilation and low cooling.


The aircon size also matters greatly, as larger units will not be the best choice for many small rooms. Larger units are suitable for conference rooms and halls, but a small unit will work best for small personal spaces. This will not only save space but will also be less costly and more efficient.

Best Portable Aircons In Singapore

Best Portable Aircon Singapore

Finding the best portable Aircons in Singapore is no easy task. To facilitate you in this regard, we have narrowed the list to two options. Look at the features of this aircon and see if they satisfy your needs or not.

1.   Novita Cool Plus 3-in-1

The Novita Cool Plus provides some of the best cooling performances with the Bluefin cooling technology. Its superior cooling technology, combined with many extra features, easily makes it one of the best Aircons on the market.

Other features that make the Novita good are its self-cleaning and corrosion-resistant properties. These features ensure that the aircon can be used for a long time without putting much effort into it and that the durability of the aircon will be top-notch.

The Novita offers up to 12,000 BTUs. Thus you can expect even larger rooms to get cooled in no time. Thus rooms as much as 25 sq feet will be cooled within a short time. This aircon can also easily be the best portable aircon for small rooms.

2.   Europace 3-in-1

This compact but powerful aircon is the best choice for smaller rooms and tight living spaces. This portable aircon is as tiny as a standing CPU. Thus, you won’t have any problems putting the aircon in your small rooms. It also comes with wheels. Thus you can move the unit around without any difficulty.

Coming with a fan and a humidifier, this aircon provides the best all-in-one performance you are looking for in an aircon. It also has a smart setting built in, which means it will detect temperature changes and make the required fan speed and airflow adjustments. Thus you are sure to spend your days in peace, without getting affected by the outside heat.


Thus you know all the features of the best aircon and can decide which unit you are going to buy according to your needs. As the Portable Aircon Singapore market is enormous, buying an appropriate aircon can be tricky.

But if you keep in mind all the features we discussed above, you will find some option that works for you. If you are looking for the best all-around air conditioners which give some of the best performances without putting a significant strain on your pockets, go for one of the two aircon we discussed above. We hope you will enjoy the summer without any heat.

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