Installing A Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon

Benefits Of Installing A Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon

The Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon is one of the best air conditioning units on the market today. Find out why installing this unit can be good for you.

A Mitsubishi Aircon is enough to keep you and your cold at an optimum temperature during the hot summer months. But there are a lot of Aircon options available in the market, and many people wonder what is the best amongst these.

Well, according to our personal opinion, a Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon can be the best choice for your small and large rooms. In this article, we will try to explain the different features of the Starmex Aircon and will see the different advantages of installing one in your home or office space.


Some of the major benefits of using the Mitsubishi Aircon are given below:

  • Easy to clean
  • Great range of airflow
  • Compact size
  • Air purification system
  • Low noise
  • Energy efficiency

We will explain all these features in detail one by one

Easy To Clean

The Starmex Aircon comes with a sleek body design, which gives us the performance and cooling we are looking for, while at the same time making the body very easy to clean. Almost all the parts of the air conditioner can be removed and cleaned separately. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of each of the parts, you can assemble all of them back together without any hassle.

For example, the panel of the Aircon, as well as the airflow vents can be removed easily, cleaned, and placed back in to get the most out of the air conditioner as possible. This will not only conserve energy as the air conditioner will work under a little load, but will also increase its life span.

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Great Range of Airflow

Using its powerful motor, the Starmex Aircon can blow cool air to wider and larger areas as compared to its competitors. This is desirable in conditions when the air conditioner has to work in large rooms and halls, and the conditioners with smaller airflow won’t be able to handle the heat.

The Starmex does a wonderful job of covering the whole room through its wide airflow thanks to the motor. It blows cool air into all the distant corners of larger rooms so that all the area is covered with cool air. The airflow can be controlled using the remote control coming with the air conditioner.

Compact Size

Despite having a powerful motor built in to provide exceptional cooling performance, the Starmex has a small body and compact size. The small size comes in handy because many people live in small houses and do not have any extra space for larger units.

The whole body of the conditioner has smaller dimensions than its competitors, making it easier to handle when installing or removing the unit. Thus you won’t face any problems while installing the Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon unit in your room or hall.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon

Air Purification System

The Starmex has an optimal air purification system for cleaning the entering air. This can prevent the unit from getting heavy with dust or other pollutants, which can severely reduce the performance of the air conditioner and can also be harmful to its motor.

The air purification unit built into the air conditioner contains Catechin, which is an effective trapping agent for bacteria, viruses, pollens, and fungi. Thus the air conditioner can also clean the room and provide clean and refreshing air to breathe.

One thing about the cleaning unit is that the users need to replace the filter regularly in order to allow it to perform to the best of its ability. This is because the filters wear out and stop catching the substances once their life spans run out. Filter replacement on a daily basis can be an easy solution to catching all types of harmful chemicals from the air.

Low Noise

Another feature of the Stamex is that it produces less noise than many of its competitors despite the presence of a powerful motor. This can be beneficial when the room or halls are being used by students for their studying purposes, as well as for the people who sleep inside these rooms. The maximum decibels the noise of the air conditioner reaches is about 19dB, making it ideal for use for many people.

Energy Efficiency

Starmex uses about one-third of the total energy used by many of its competitors. The air conditioner has a 5-star EER rating, making it one of the best units to give power and conserve energy. The motor can also be set to reduce power consumption once a specific temperature is reached, adding to the total power saving.


The Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon is one of the best air conditioners available in the market, and all the features we have described in this article prove this. Although these features best represent the Starmex aircon, keep all of these in mind when you are going to buy a conditioner for yourself. You should only buy those units which have the most of these features as it will help you get a good air conditioner for your room or hall.

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