Common Aircon Condenser Problems and Their Solutions

Aircon condenser repair is tricky yet doable if you know about the problems associated with the condenser. But why do we need an aircon condenser repair? Let us go through the working of aircon and understand the basics of it.

An aircon consists of an interior unit and an exterior unit. The exterior unit is the condenser and takes the responsibility for condensation and liberation of heat to the outdoors.

A condenser is a unit that is composed of the following parts:

  •         Compressor
  •         Blower fan
  •         Condenser coils
  •         Motor
  •         capacitors

Importance of Aircon Condenser:

All the units of an aircon condenser work in synchronism for effective condensation. The Condenser is the most important part of an aircon. Because you cannot imagine getting cool air in a closed space without the condenser.

However, sometimes, it does not work properly. If it does so on a hot summer day, you are in trouble big time. That is why you need the condenser to work properly all the time. 

It is important to get the required knowledge about the condenser, it’s working, and the problems associated with its malfunctioning along with the possible solutions. If you are in search of these details, just read the article till the end and you will get all the answers fluently.

The Working Philosophy of a Condenser:

The refrigerant or coolant removes or absorbs heat within a closed space and ejects it into the outside environment. The refrigerant enters through a suction line and leaves the evaporator in the form of hot and high-pressure gas. 

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The condenser contains a piston that condenses the gas together. Resultantly the temperature and pressure of the gas rise. The condensed gas then revolves through a discharge line.

The heat is automatically transferred to the outside environment and the coolant returns to the normal point in liquid form. In this way, the condenser does its job of condensation.

Some problems can occur and cause the condenser to malfunction. These problems need to be addressed and avoided forehand else you require an aircon condenser repair. You might be thinking, can the aircon condenser be repaired?

The answer is yes if you address the problem correctly. Here is a detailed explanation of the possible problems that can happen with a malfunctioning condenser with their solutions.

Common Problems of an Aircon Condenser with Solutions:

As mentioned in the previous section, an Air con condenser repair can be easy if you know the exact reason for its failure. The following subsections will help you assess the correct reason for the failure of an aircon condenser. The possible solutions to the problems are also addressed.

1. The Discharge Pressure Is Less Than The Suction Pressure

In a condenser unit, the discharge pressure should be higher than the suction pressure. In case of any discrepancy in these pressures, the condenser unit will not work properly. Resultantly, the aircon stops blowing cool air in the room. 

Solution: This is an indication that Ac condenser repair is required and you need professional assistance to do that.

2.      Blocked Airflow:

The Ac condenser unit requires proper airflow to breathe freely. If there are plants, trees, or other such objects near the condenser unit, the airflow will not be proper. Thus the condenser will not work properly.

Solution: Remove the hindrances in the way of airflow and provide a proper breathing space for the condenser.

3. The Aircon Is Leaking Refrigerant:

The role of refrigerant in cooling the air is important. The coolant circulates through the coils and the condenser then proceeds to evaporate the liquid. The condenser and compressor are connected with tubes to transfer refrigerant.

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Thus, these tubes have to play an essential role in the overall aircon system.  If these tubes start leaking the refrigerant, the air will not be cooled properly.

Solution: call a professional immediately to sort out the issue. The tubes might need to be repaired or even replaced.

4. Dirt and Debris Accumulation:

Over time, the condenser unit requires service and maintenance. Because the dirt and debris in the outside environment near the condenser unit start to accumulate on the condenser tubes.

The heat does not eject in the outside environment properly. When the heat is not transferred properly, the aircon starts blowing hot air instead of cool air.

Solution: Keep the condenser clean and maintain it properly. If the problem has occurred, call a professional to go through its maintenance properly. 

5. Bent Fins:

The surrounding fins of the condenser can be bent if a force is somehow applied to them. Any object that comes in contact with the fins can bend them. If too many fins are bent, the airflow through the unit will be blocked.

Solution: Avoid touching objects on the fins. If they are bent, call a professional to repair them.

6. Electrical Problems:

The aircon works in a closed loop process and each unit works in synchronism with the other to get the job done. If the supply of the circuit is obstructed, likely, the unit will not work properly. There may be a few other electrical issues related to a condenser unit and these are explained below.

Fan Problem:

The capacitor of the fan can blow and cause the fan itself to stop working. If this is the issue, replace the capacitor with a new one of the same rating. There is another possibility that the blades of the fan may get damaged. In this case, you will need to change the fan.

Motor Issue:

Electrical motors are induction machines and can face certain issues that can be solved by electricians.


Aircon condenser repair needs some basic knowledge of the working philosophy of a condenser and its different parts. The working philosophy and problems that can happen to a condenser are explained in the article. The solution to common problems is also in the domains of this guide.

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