How to Reduce Aircon Odor

How to Reduce Aircon Odor: The Ultimate Guide

It is essential to reduce Aircon odor because you cannot afford to breathe in an air-conditioned room having an awry smell. This factor will force you to turn off the aircon, making you uncomfortable. You will feel, why does my aircon smell bad? The second thought will be about your savings going to drain in case of an aircon failure.

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This article will go through some of the primary reasons why your aircon produces smells and how to reduce these smells. The cause of smell could be anything, such as a wet sock-like odor, burning, or a smoky aroma.

Common Reasons for Aircon Odors and How to Fix Them

This section will explore the types of aircon smells you can confront daily. Furthermore, the solutions to reduce aircon odor are also part of the discussion.

Burning Smell

The aircon unit contains many electrical components like circuit boards, power wires, fans, compressors, etc. The small electrical components have certain ratings that define their normal operating limits, and any unwanted situation can burn and produce a burning smell. Anyone component or the electrical circuit as a whole may be burning. 

Another reason for the burning smell can be the presence of dust inside the unit. When you turn on the aircon unit after a long time, this dust can burn and originate a bad smell. However, this is a temporary smell and will normalize after some time.

How to Fix?

It is better to avoid dealing with the electronics of the aircon and call a professional to resolve your issue.

Rotten Egg Like Smell

A foul or rotten egg-like air conditioner smell is typically the result of dead rodents or critters stuck in the AC. This awful egg-like smell is a kind of smell you can distinguish from any other aircon smell. Normally, Birds and other creatures take refuge in the ductwork of your aircon and get trapped inside that. 

When they start to decay, they produce an unpleasant odor, and you will certainly want to reduce the Aircon odor. Moreover, stuck animals or birds can damage the components of the aircon.

How to Fix?

When you feel a rotten egg-like smell, uncover the aircon and arrange a cleaning session of your aircon to remove the remains of a bird or animal that is causing this smell. However, you can make your unit a pest-free unit as a preventive measure for the future.

How to Remove a Musty Smell from an Aircon?

The musty or moldy smell is aircon users’ most common foul experience. If you are experiencing the same with your aircon, smells musty, you must know that the general cause is the growth of fungus and molds due to the accumulation of water in the drain pipe.

Another reason for such an aircon odor can be dirty filters. If you live in a hot and humid area and turn on your unit after a long time, it will build up a fraction of moisture to grow the molds.

How to Remove Odor from an Aircon?

This musty or moldy smell is removable by cleaning the aircon thoroughly and looking for possible leaks. If you are confident enough to do the cleaning yourself, it’s not much difficult. However, you can call a professional person for this purpose.

Reduce Aircon Odor

The smell of a Car’s Exhaust

No rotating machinery is involved in your aircon; hence, it should not produce a smell like that of car exhaust. However, your air conditioner utilizes fluids that can create such a smell upon getting hot. This kind of smell most likely points to potential refrigerant leakage.

This refrigerant is also hazardous to the environment, and its excessive leakage can make you uncomfortable in the space where this aircon is used. Freon gas, or refrigerant, is heavier than air and does not hang around in the air for a long time but drops down to the floor.

How to Fix?

Refrigerant leakage is a serious issue, affecting the aircon cooling efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to call a professional to repair your aircon.

Air Conditioner Smells Like Cigarette Smoke

If you smoke at home and often smoke, your AC will smell stale. This irritating odor can cause allergic reactions and headaches.

The evaporator coil and filters can absorb the odor of cigarette smoke. As a result, the entrapped tobacco particles knock loose and come back into your home through the AC’s vents.

How to Fix?

Clean the aircon unit, replace the air filters, and avoid smoking at home.


The importance of the efforts to reduce Aircon odor is unmatchable. However, you should first explore the reasons that cause a certain kind of smell from your aircon. Ensure that the aircon unit is clean and does not leak water from anywhere, and observe the duct, evaporator line, and air filters.

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