Aircon Needs Attention

5 Signs Your Aircon Needs Attention

Aircons are a helpful tool for dealing with hot climates in different parts of the world. They provide cool air and create a good environment on hot days. But the aircon needs attention, like every other appliance. This is because abusive use of AirCons can cause them to break down and not function well.

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This breakage can create a hassle for us in hot weather. This is because we can no longer get the cool air we want. Thus, we must pay close attention to the signs of aircon breakage and malfunction. Today, we are going to talk about some of these signs. If you spot any of these signs during your inspection, chances are that the aircon is not well.

5 Signs Your Aircon Needs Attention

Some of the most apparent signs which tell us that our aircon needs attention are:

1.   Lack Of Cool Air

This sign is self-explanatory. The primary function of an aircon is to give cool air into our rooms. The exact cooling effect depends on the climate conditions as well. Scorching conditions can cause the cool air to die out quickly. In this case, the rooms might get cold slowly. Aircons also have a working life, at the end of which they need help to work correctly.

But the aircon might be faulty if you notice that the aircon needs to give cool air despite the lack of scorching weather. You can also notice this sign before the advertised life of the aircon is over. In these conditions, chances are that the aircon is malfunctioning and might need attention. By inspecting the unit, you can check for the problem and solve it. Once you identify the problem, you can remove it to regain cool air. But you will need to be extra careful to prevent that problem in the future.

2.   Bigger Energy Bills

Good companies design air conditioners to conserve as much energy as possible. This means that good aircon can provide cool air without consuming much energy. This ensures that your energy bills are not much and you are saving energy.

But any fault in the aircon causes them to consume more energy than usual. This can be due to any clogging in the unit, causing the unit to work extra hard. Thus, faulty air conditioners increase your energy bills from your routine. If you notice any such change, chances are that your aircon needs a fix. You must closely attend to the unit if you see an increase in energy bills.

3.   Strange Emissions Of Fumes

Aircons consist of a mixture of several gases which help them function normally. The most important of these gases is refrigerant gas. This gas is within special pipes having good insulation to prevent its escape. Aircons also have air filters that trap any lousy air from outside.

If any of these become faulty, they can cause the unit to leak strange emissions. These emissions can be either gases or rancid smells. Thus if you notice any gas leaks, you should check the refrigerant pipes. Any rotten smell can point you toward a bad filter. If you notice these signs, your air conditioner needs attention as it may malfunction.

5 Signs Your Aircon Needs Attention

4.   Changing Temperature

Aircons maintain a constant temperature throughout the room. Once you set a temperature, the aircon will flow air to regulate it. This is because of the thermostat present inside the unit. The whole room should be of a consistent temperature when you go inside.

Malfunctions with the aircon can disrupt this. In this case, you might get a different temperature throughout the room. The temperature might also change considerably in a short time. If you notice any of these changes, they should point you toward a faulty aircon. The problem might be with the thermostat or any other part of the aircon. Thus you need to pay attention to the temperature to monitor proper aircon function.

5.   Excessive Repairs

Companies design Air Cons to last a long time. During their warranty years and even after, they should not need repairs. Thus if you use an aircon carefully, you should avoid having to deal with excessive repairs.

The problem arises when using the aircon carefully, but it still breaks down. This suggests faulty making on the part of the company. You can also notice more repairs after the warranty period. These may be due to negligence on your part. Some regular repairs are satisfactory. But if you find repairing the unit often, you should use your aircon cautiously.


We have discussed some signs showing that your aircon needs attention. To ensure long life and the most benefit, you should use your aircon carefully. Proper use and regular inspection are essential to prevent any breakage. They will allow you to use the aircon for as long as possible. And you will save money in not only energy use but also fewer repairs.

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