Reduce Aircon Electricity Bill

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Aircon Electricity Bill

People use their aircon a lot during summer times. Sometimes, they keep the aircon on during the whole day. This is because they want to escape the scorching heat throughout the day. There is, however, one problem with this overuse. The electricity bills can sometimes go through the roofs.

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Thus, people cut back on their aircon use to save electricity. But this can be something other than so, as some careful measures can save electricity, even with extended aircon use. Today, we explore these methods to reduce aircon electricity bills.

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Aircon Electricity Bill

Here are five of the best ways by which you can reduce aircon electricity bill:

1.   Turn Off The Aircon At Night

This method is self-explanatory. It would help if you only used the aircon when the heat is very high during the day. After the day passes and the heat subsides, turn off the unit for the night. Nighttime usually has pretty chilly temperatures. Thus there is no need to keep the aircon on. Even if you feel a little hot, you can open your windows to let the chilly air in. this air will cool down the room, and you won’t feel the temperature.

You don’t have to worry about disturbing your sleep during the night. This is because, during sleep, our body does not need the same cool environment. We can sleep even at average room temperature. Thus, there is no particular need to turn on the aircon at night. You can turn it off to save your electricity and reduce your aircon bill in Singapore.

2.   Using Thermostats And Aircon Timers

Thermostats are present in every aircon to control the temperature. Most AirCons also come with timers built into them to turn them off after a time. It would help if you used both tools to control your aircon use and reduce AC bills. Set the thermostat to a suitable temperature where you neither feel too cold nor too hot. A temperature between 22 and 25 degrees celsius is enough to live by comfortably.

There is no need to go below this in most cases. As a general rule, set your thermostat to a temperature about 8 degrees below the outside temperature. This setting will produce sufficient cooling to get you by. Aircons also come with timers. You can use them to control the time of your AC usage. This will help you reduce your aircon bills.

3.   Use Shades Around Your House

Blocking the sun using shades is one of the best methods to keep the heat away. Keeping the heat out will allow you to keep your house cool, and you won’t need to use the aircon. It would be best to have blinds, shades, or curtains to cover your windows. Make sure to draw the blinds down during the daytime.

The blinds should also be of a light color to reflect the heat. You can also use trees around your house to keep shade. Trees act as natural blinds and keep the heat of the sun away. They also produce a cooling effect through their evaporation effect. Thus, have as many trees as possible in your house to cool it down. This way, you won’t need to use your aircon much, and your bills will reduce.

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Aircon Electricity Bill

4.   Minimize The Use Of Heat Emitting Equipment

Refrigerators and ovens are one of the worst heat-releasing devices. TVs, printers, and computers also contribute significantly in this regard. Some are essential household items, but others are just for entertainment. Minimizing both will allow you to use the aircon as little as possible. And you can keep a check on the electricity bill.

Thus, unplug the equipment when they are not in use. To minimize its use, try to store only a little food in the refrigerator. Use the oven as little as possible. And try to limit your entertainment to physical games and hangouts with others. All this will lower device use and will help you save on electricity bills.

5.   Regular Aircon Maintenance

People who service their AirCons sparingly run the risk of their wear and tear. These are the same people who ask, “How can I reduce my air conditioner bill?” while the answer is in their sight. Unkempt air conditioners have to work against extra load, as some parts malfunction.

This extra load uses more power, and the electricity bills may rise. Thus, to prevent unnecessary load on the aircon, keep it clean and maintained. This will eventually help you save on the electricity bill.


We discussed some of the ways by which you can reduce your aircon electricity bill. Using the aircon wisely and limiting its overuse is the key to preventing bigger bills. You should find alternative ways to cool your house, like blinds, shades, and trees. You should also keep the use of heat-emitting appliances to a minimum. Last but not least, you should service your aircon regularly and ensure its normal functioning. All these factors will allow you to keep your aircon bills to a minimum.

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