Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode

Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode On Your Aircon – A Comprehensive Guide

The quick cool or power chill mode on the aircon is a feature that utilizes rapid cooling for a specific room or closed space. When you turn off the aircon for a long time, the room’s temperature rises, and the humidity level increases.

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When the aircon gets off, you will need proper ventilation, which allows external hot air to enter the room and increase the temperature of the cool air inside the room.

When the temperature of the cool air increases, the room temperature also increases. Therefore, when you enter such a room, you can sit and wait for your aircon to cool the room through its standard operating time, but you need abrupt cooling.

How Does the Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode Work?

Starting the aircon in quick mode begins with the lowest possible temperature at its thermostat. This lowest temperature varies for different aircon models. Usually, it is between 16 to 18 degrees.

You can achieve your desired room temperature in a much shorter period by quick cooling. However, it also consumes more power to work in this mode. Therefore, this function is not for customers with strict budget plans in terms of consumed electricity units. We recommend using this feature for minimum time to reduce the units consumed.

Recommended Time: In quick cool mode, your aircon consumes much more energy than it does in regular operation. Conclusively, we recommend not using the quick cool feature if you have a strict electricity budget. If you need to use it, use it for a few minutes and not more than that.

Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode Time

The aircon with the quick cool mode has an automatic system to return to regular operation once the room temperature is close to the desired temperature. This automatic function will increase the thermostat temperature between 20 to 25 degrees. If you want to adjust the temperature further, you will do it manually.

This feature ensures that it should do it for you if you forget to change the aircon mode. Setting a higher temperature will reduce power consumption, and the room temperature will also become normal as quickly as possible.

Cooling Time

The quick cool feature does not describe the cooling time, but the room size, aircon condition, and the room’s insulation are the deciding factors in terms of cooling time. If you turn on the quick cool mode and leave the door open, it will take much more time to reduce the temperature.

Similarly, other described factors play their role in determining the cooling time. Therefore, give your aircon the best working conditions, and the cooling time will reduce significantly.

Hard Work of the Aircon

Let’s understand this subsection with an example, you usually do work in two hours, and if someone asks you to complete it in thirty minutes, you will need to do more hard work, impacting your other plans. Similarly, in quick cool mode, you are asking your aircon to cool the room in a shorter time than usual, for which it has to work harder.

More hard work employs more wear and tear. If you habitually use this feature, your aircon will need more maintenance and affecting the aircon’s overall lifespan. In the context of the aircon’s health, we recommend using the quick cool feature only when it is genuinely due and for a few minutes.

Quick Cool or Power Chill Mode On Your Aircon

What If the Aircon Does Not Have a Quick Cool feature?

There is no difference between an aircon having a quick cool feature and one that does not. Modern models of almost all brands are inducing this feature. However, if your aircon does not have this feature, there is nothing to worry about.

You can manually ask your aircon to cool the room more quickly by setting it to the lowest possible temperature. Once you feel the room is cool enough and should increase the temperature, do it. But while you do this practice manually, you should keep in mind that you have to increase the thermostat temperature after a few minutes to limit the power consumption.

Should an Aircon Have Power Chill Mode?

The power chill mode is an additional feature that does not have much significance, and you may not even need to use it. If you use the aircon regularly, the room’s temperature will remain around the desired temperature, and you will not need quick cooling.

 Moreover, looking at the increased power consumption and wear and tear of aircon components, it is favorable not to have such a feature. Additionally, if you need quick cooling, you can achieve that manually by setting the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature and then increasing it after some time.


The aircon’s quick cool or power chill mode cools the room faster than usual. In this mode, the aircon starts working at the lowest possible temperature and then increases the temperature after a while. In this mode, the aircon needs to do more hard work and consume more energy, increasing the electricity bill.

If your aircon does not have quick cool mode, you can achieve fast cooling manually by setting the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature for a short while.

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