5 Easy Ways to Make Your Aircon Work More Efficiently

All homeowners want to make their aircon work more efficiently. This is subjected to many constraints, though. You need to take several precautionary measures to keep your aircon in good health. Once you maintain the aircon in good condition, its efficiency will improve automatically. 

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The aircon is typically the most expensive appliance in normal households. Homeowners have a close look at the expenses of the aircon, and they try to minimize these expenses. If the aircon works efficiently, its expenses will trim significantly. This guide is all about finding ways to increase the efficiency of the aircon.  

Finding Ways to Make the Aircon Work More Efficiently

Here are some important topics to cover on how to increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

  • Indications of reduced aircon efficiency
  • Tips for Air Conditioning efficiency or ways to improve the aircon efficiency

Indications of Reduced Aircon Efficiency 

It is a commoner thought that how would he know when the aircon efficiency is reducing. Therefore, it is the foremost question that needs a crisp answer. This section will explain some basic indications of a reduction in aircon efficiency. 

Increased Cost of Cooling

As mentioned above, homeowners do keep an eye on the expenses of aircon. So they know how much an aircon costs them in a particular period. If the cooling cost is rising, it indicates that your aircon is putting extra effort into cooling. In other words, the aircon efficiency is decreasing, and the cooling cost is increasing. 

Frequent Cycling

Sometimes, you need to turn on and off the thermostat of your aircon more frequently than normal. This frequency cycling indicates that the thermostat is not working efficiently, and you may need to repair/replace it. It can convey that the compressor is not in good condition. Conclusively, frequent cycling of the aircon points towards a decreased efficiency of the unit.

Ice on the Compressor

Ice on the compressor of an aircon indicates that it is leaking the refrigerant, and if overlooked, the aircon will need pre-mature re-gassing. Resultantly, you will need to pay more cost than regular maintenance costs. Moreover, the aircon efficiency will reduce big time. 

Weird Sounds

Each machine has a regular operation sound. If you know how your aircon works and what sounds it produces during normal operation, you can quickly identify the unusual sounds, if there are any. Unusual sounds reflect the unusual operation of an aircon. In other words, the aircon is not working efficiently if it produces unusual sounds.

Ways to Make Your Aircon Work More Efficiently

This section explicitly illustrates the methods to improve aircon efficiency. 

Clear the Vents

The vents of the aircon are vital in blowing the air into the room. If the vents are not clear, the airflow will reduce, and the aircon will need to do more hard work to spread the cool breeze into the room. 

Dirt, Debris, Rags, and toys are the primary culprits blocking the vents of your aircon. Even if you dust and vacuum the unit regularly, still these particles may block the vents. Therefore, you should clean the vents whenever you feel they are blocked. It is not a big deal if you have to rearrange the furniture. 

Maintain Proper Heat Insulation 

It is crucial to maintain the insulation of the air-conditioned rooms. If your windows or doors open frequently, the cool air will move outside, and the hot air will increase the room temperature again. This means that your aircon has to work again to maintain the desired temperature.

Therefore, it is mandatory to close the doors and windows and help your aircon maintain the temperature with optimum hard work. The more hard work your aircon does to cool the room, the harder work you will need to do to bear the expenses of the aircon.

Keep the Heat Producing Equipment Away

The selection of a suitable place for aircon installation plays a crucial role in its operation. If the aircon is installed near a sunny window, the thermostat aircon will not work properly. The thermostat will assess that the room needs more cooling than it requires. 

Moreover, do not bring equipment that produces heat and increases the air temperature. This practice will increase the aircon efficiency if you follow that. Therefore, select the best suitable place for your aircon and keep the heat-producing equipment away from the thermostat.

Aircon Work More Efficiently

Increase the Temperature on Your Thermostat

When the aircon starts cooling the room, it tries to maintain the desired temperature. When the aircon achieves that temperature and maintains it for longer, you should increase the set thermostat temperature by one or two degrees. 

The reason is that you will need to feel the increase in temperature because the room is already cool, but your aircon will have to put less effort into maintaining the new set temperature. An increment of one or two degrees more than normal has an immense impact on the overall efficiency of the aircon. 

Shade the Condenser

The condensing of your aircon is inside the outdoor unit placed outside the room. If your outdoor unit lies barely in the sun, the unit overall has to suffer more to effectively commence the cooling process. Conclusively, you should cover the outdoor unit to make your aircon work more efficiently.


Most aircon users want to know how to make their aircon work more efficiently, but they do not find their answer. It is essential to understand the indications that your aircon gives you to pre-assess the situation and take the required preventive measure. After knowing this, you should research and read the methods that can help you improve your unit’s efficiency. Luckily, this article explains the whole process in a flow.

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