Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air

Why Is My Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air But Running

Aircons are an essential part of our lives during the summer. We rely on them to make our rooms cool during hot days. Through their help, we pass our days in peace. So when an aircon runs into a problem, we suffer a lot. An aircon not blowing cold air is one such problem, and a grave one.

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This problem with the aircon can deprive us of our comfort. Without knowing what to do in this case, we mostly rely on technicians. Their help is always appreciated, but we can also avoid this problem from happening.

Knowing the causes of an aircon not blowing cold air becomes essential. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these causes. This knowledge will help you greatly stop this issue from the start.

Causes Of Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air

Here are some of the most common behind aircon your AC not blowing cold air:

1. Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a substance that cools the air coming into the aircon. It is, thus, the substance that keeps the aircon working and blowing cold air. Decreased amount of refrigerant can cause the air conditioner not to blow cold air. As a result of this, the room becomes hot and stiff.

Thus, you should always check the refrigerant when you suspect hot air coming from the aircon. In case of a leak, fix the problem and replace the refrigerant amount. This solution can be tricky at times. Thus, we strongly recommend using a professional’s help to replace the fluid.

2. Evaporator Coil Defects

Evaporator coils are responsible for the contact between the hot air and the refrigerant. When this contact occurs, heat transfer happens, and the air cools down. This cool air then blows into the room to produce a cold environment.

When there are some faults with the evaporator coils, heat transfer can not properly occur. This can lead to the air not getting cooled down. When this occurs, the hot air then returns to the room. Thus the result is the aircon not blowing cold air. The room can become hot and mess up our comfort.

When this happens, checking the evaporator coils for defects should be on your mind. You can identify any breaks in the coils or can spot any other irregularities. You can then think of a solution to the problem.

Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air But Running

3. Issues With The Thermostat

A thermostat is the primary temperature-controlling device in the room. It detects the temperature of the room and controls the aircon function. It causes the aircon to blow hot or cold, depending on the temperature.

When the thermostat is faulty, it can lead to the aircon not blowing cold air. The issue is not always a serious one, as low-temperature settings can also release hot air. On the other extreme, the thermostat might be broken, which may lead to its malfunction.

The first you should take in this case is to check the thermostat temperature setting. Make sure that it is not set to a low temperature. Low temperatures can make the aircon release hot air to counter the apparent cold.

If the temperature display is alright, you should check the thermostat for any faults. Backend faults with the thermostat can lead to the aircon not cooling the room. You must analyze the thermostat in such cases. Take the help of a professional to do this, as thermostats can be tricky.

Many users with some technical knowledge can solve all of these problems. But for many, these problems can also be tricky. They might not know what to do in such cases. Such users might damage the unit when they carry out their inspections.

Thus, we always recommend taking the help of a professional to deal with aircon inspections. They know what to do and can save you from any hassles following aircon breakage.


The aircon not blowing cold air can be a tricky issue, especially on hot days. It can cause the temperature in the room to increase and can destroy our comfort. Several causes can be behind this problem. The refrigerant might be low, or the evaporator coils might be faulty. Some issues with the thermostat can also be the cause.

You can prevent this problem from arising due to any of these causes. You have to take good care of the aircon unit. If such problems arise, you should take the help of professionals to deal with them. Professional help can sort out the cause and take adequate measures to remove it. With a functioning aircon, your summer days will pass in comfort and ease.

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