How To Check If My Aircon Is Working Properly

Many of us wonder about the performance of our aircon. We often find people thinking if their aircon is working properly or not. Some people are just thinking this without any concern about their aircon. But most of them are genuinely curious about the performance of the aircon. The people belonging to the latter category often want to know if their aircon is producing the desired cooling.

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With this thought in mind, we have devised a simple test. This test will determine the cooling quality you are getting from your aircon unit. This quality will tell you if your aircon is working fine or not. We are going to explain the test in this article. Follow along carefully to get an idea about the performance of your aircon.

You should perform this test every once in a while to know about the aircon’s performance. But this test becomes critical during the hottest summer months. This is because the aircon is working to the max capacity during these times. And it becomes essential to check on it once in a while.

The aircon starts to give warning signals when it starts to break down. If you are vigilant, you can detect these signals to save your aircon from breaking down. We will look at how the test will help you in this regard.

How To Know If My Aircon Working Properly

This test will use the temperature difference between the supply and return air. You will need a thermometer to check the temperature difference. The aircon cools the supply air and sends it into the room. There is a  temperature difference between this supply of air and the air going inside. It will tell us about the performance of the aircon.


1.   Turn On The Aircon

Make sure that the aircon is running for at least 15 minutes. Turn the temperature of the aircon 10 degrees lower than the current one.

2.   Identify The Return And The Supply Duct

Next, you have to identify the return and the supply ducts. Having a filter installed in your aircon will help you in this regard. The return air duct will be before the filter, and the supply air will come after the aircon.

The next step is a little complex. You will have to find a hole in the ducts to insert the thermometer through this hole. Insert the thermometer through both holes.

3.   Find The Temperature Difference

Put the thermometer inside both air ducts. First inside the supply duct and then in the return duct. Note the temperature difference between the air in the two ducts. This temperature difference will give you an idea about the cooling in the return air.

4.   Do Some Calculation

You will need a calculator for this process. Subtract the temperature of the supply air from the return air. This difference is due to the cooling effect of the aircon. If there is a sufficient difference, the aircon is working fine. The ideal difference should be between 18 degrees and 22 degrees.

Check If My Aircon Is Working Properly

What Does The Temperature Difference Show?

The temperature difference should be within this range. If it is, the aircon is not producing enough cooling. This can be due to many issues. You will have to check the aircon for any internal problems.

Sometimes the difference is in this range, but there is not enough cooling in the room. This can happen when the cooling is there, but air distribution is faulty. You will have to check the aircon for any airflow problems.

We recommend taking the help of a professional in dealing with any problems. These can happen in case of any internal fault or due to any airflow problem. Taking care of both these issues is essential to allow proper Aircon function. Only professionals can do this as they are qualified to do so. Thus we strongly recommend taking the help of a professional in this regard.


We have talked about the importance of proper Aircon function. We have also discussed a simple test to check this performance. Checking this performance regularly is essential. Regular check-ups can allow a smooth function of the unit. It can also prevent any problems that might present in the aircon beforehand. Thus, we recommend doing this test every once in a while. A little extra care can go a long way and can prevent hassles in the long run. With this article, we have hopefully answered the question, “How do I know if my aircon is working properly.”

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