Aircon Freezing Up

5 Common Reasons Why Your Aircon Freezing Up

The aircon freezing up is an ironic problem that can arise during the summer days. It is a problem that many people are not aware of. So when it arises, people need help figuring out what to do about it. Without a proper solution, this problem can turn the tables significantly. You will be deprived of coolness during blistering summer days.

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To prevent you from facing this problem before, we will discuss some of its causes. There are five common problems that you can run into in this case. These can cause AC to freeze up and mess up your cooling experience.

How To Identify A Freezing Problem

Ice on the evaporator coil is a sure way to check an aircon freezing up. You have to open the aircon panel and look at the coil. Ice in the aircon is not always a sure sign of freezing. But more often than not, it represents a freezing problem. The supply registers of the aircon can also get ice and represent a freezing problem.

Causes Of Aircon Freezing Up

Here are some of the leading causes of aircon freezing up:

1.   Restricted Airflow

This is one of the leading causes of the freezing problem. Restricted airflow can prevent adequate flow through the aircon. This can lead to less heat exchange between the aircon and the room. This deceased exchange can cause the cool air to stay in the evaporator coils. As a result, the temperature drops in the coil, and ice produces. This drop is one of the main reasons why the aircon freezes up.

2.   Clogged Filter

Clogged filters essentially cause the same restriction problem. Blocked filters can stop adequate airflow through the aircon. This eventually leads to ice formation in the unit. This is the exact reason why open filters are essential to have.

3.   Decreased Amount Of Refrigerant

Refrigerant maintains the temperature that the air in the unit must reach. An adequate amount of refrigerant ensures that all the air is of the same temperature. When this uniform temperature air goes out of the aircon, an equal cooling effect is produced.

When the refrigerant becomes too low, the aircon can lose this uniformity. This can lead to a decreased saturation point of the vapor. This decrease means that the overall working mechanism of the aircon has changed. And the aircon’s operating temperature is now low compared to the optimum temperature.

When this occurs, the air freezes at a lower temperature and can cause freezing. The water vapors that come in contact with the coils also freeze at a low temperature. These water vapors then change to water droplets and can drip down. These drippings eventually form a block of ice. Thus it is necessary to check if the amount of refrigerant is adequate.

Common Reasons Why Your Aircon Freezing Up

4.   Decreased Outside Temperature

The low temperature in the outside environment can lead to the decreased temperature of the aircon air. This decrease will then lead to the same icing problem as the decreased refrigerant. The air and water vapors freeze, water droplets form, and freezing occurs.

Thus you should use the aircon at a higher temperature when the outside air is cool. You should run the aircon only in the fan mode without the cooling effect. This will decrease cool air inside the aircon and prevent ice development.

5.   Faulty Evaporator Coil

Faults in the aircon can lead to ice formation in the unit. When the coil temperature decreases for any reason, freezing occurs. Mostly this happens due to the trapping of cool air in the coil. But it can also happen due to airflow restrictions in other aircon parts. This leads to ice formation in the aircon in the same way restricted airflow causes freezing. This might be one of the reasons why your air conditioner freezing up.

You will get a freezing aircon if you encounter any of these problems. To deal with them, you must take the help of a professional technician. A technician can identify the root cause and can solve it immediately. This will prevent any significant faults, and your aircon will run smoothly during the summer.


We have discussed some of the causes of an aircon freezing up the issue. The airflow in the unit can be blocked due to several reasons. The refrigerant might be too low, or the outside temperature might be cold. Whatever the cause, it is essential to deal with the problem as soon as possible. A technician can be of great help in this regard. He can identify the problem and take adequate measures to solve it.

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