How To Replace Aircon Evaporator Coil

How To Replace Aircon Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are one of the essential things in an aircon. They help cool the air coming into the aircon through heat transfer. Thus, they are essential for the regular functioning of the aircon. This importance is why the failure of coils can cause a big problem. The aircon might not function well and stop blowing cold air. In such cases, you have to replace aircon evaporator coil. 

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But many people don’t know how to go about this process. Some don’t have any idea at all. The ones who do are generally bad at fixing the aircon. Incomplete knowledge in such matters can make the matter worse. We are going to take a look at the complete list of steps to replace the coils. This guide will help you handle the replacement effectively and prevent any mishaps.

How To Replace Aircon Evaporator Coil – Steps

Here are 11 steps to replace the aircon evaporator coil:

Step 1

Before starting, you must contain the refrigerant liquid in its container. For this purpose, cut off the supply line of the liquid to the compressor. Adjust the gauge to lower the pressure to the lowest. This will prevent liquid discharge during the procedure to replace the aircon evaporator coil. 

Step 2

Cut off the access to the compressor. This job can be difficult for some people, so you might need an extra pair of hands to help you out. When the pressure inside the compressor reaches zero, cut the valve supply. Be careful not to run the compressor when it is not connected to any gas supply. If you do this, you run the chance of burning the compressor instantly. 

Step 3

Cut the connection of the compressor to the evaporator coils. This will separate the coils from the compressor. 

Step 4

Remove the old coil from the aircon. The aircon is now ready to have the new coil.

Step 5

Install the new evaporator coil by sliding it inside the aircon. This is where you have to be very careful because mishandling can damage the coil. Slight overhandling can also cause damage to the coil. Practice extra care, and the aircon evaporator coil replacement can go smoothly. 

Step 6

In the next step, you must braze the lines together and connect the coils to the compressor. To achieve this effect, you must resort to soldering because this is the best way to join metal.

Step 7

The next step is to open the connection between the compressor and the coils. You should not do this directly. The best way to do this is to apply vacuum pressure on one side of the compressor. When you have done this, you can turn off the valve that connects the condenser to the coils.

Replace Aircon Evaporator Coil

Step 8

Once you have connected the condenser to the coils, you must perform a leak test. Turn the vacuum pump off and determine the levels of air in both parts. If the levels don’t undulate and keep steady, it means that the connection is stable. If they do undulate, you will have to turn the vacuum on again. 

Step 9

Close the open valves through their gauges. This is essential because this closing will allow the system to work with the vacuum inside. 

Step 10  

Open the refrigerant line as well as the gas supply line to the compressor. Let the system work for about 10 minutes. If the aircon is working fine and blowing cold air, the AC evaporator coil replacement procedure is successful.

Step 11

You don’t have to overwork the system to see if the coils are installed correctly. Many people overwork the unit and put the aircon under unnecessary strain. Cold air and refrigerant consumption show that the procedure to replace the air conditioner evaporator coil is complete. These steps are pretty easy for many people to follow. But some of you might still be unsure of your expertise to deal with the situation.

This is why we recommend taking the help of professionals in dealing with this situation. Professionals can easily and quickly take out the old coil and install the new one. They can do this without causing any leakages or harm to the aircon. Thus, you should always take the help of professionals if you think you can’t do the job. 


Knowing the correct way to replace the aircon evaporator coil is essential to repair a non-functioning Aircon. You should know how to cut off the connections of the coil and replace it. Knowing how to connect the coil back is equally as important. 

Many people can do this job by themselves, but we recommend taking professional help. Professionals can do this job seamlessly without compromising aircon function. After this repair, you can go back to enjoying cool air during hot summer days. 

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