Aircon Suddenly Stopped Working

Why My Aircon Suddenly Stopped Working

Has your aircon stopped working suddenly without any cause? You are not alone in this problem because many of us face the same dilemma during summer. Our aircon suddenly stops working in the middle of the day. This sudden stoppage seriously disturbs our comfort, and without knowing any cause, we get dumbfounded. 

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We are going to tackle this situation today. We will see some of the causes causing an aircon to stop working. We will also discuss possible solutions, so you know what to do. 

Why My Aircon Stopped Working? The Causes

Some of the most common causes causing the aircon to stop working are:

1. Changes In The Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature in the room. By detecting the room’s temperature, it controls the aircon function accordingly. It causes the aircon to blow hot or cold, based on the temperature setting and the room temperature. 

When the thermostat is faulty, it can be the cause of why the aircon stopped working. Low-temperature settings set by the user can stop the aircon when it detects said temperature. The thermostat might also be broken, leading to it stopping the aircon.

Checking the thermostat temperature setting should be the first step in such cases. Make sure that it is not set to a low temperature. Low temperatures can make the aircon release hot air to counter the apparent cold. 

If you find no changes in the setting, check the thermostat for any faults. Certain errors in the thermostat can lead to the aircon stopping. Analyzing the thermostat in such cases is essential. Take the help of a professional to go about this, as thermostats can be tricky. Professionals can help you take care of why the aircon stopped working.

2. Failed Compressor

Failed compressors can be one of the reasons why the aircon suddenly stopped working. Compressors control the airflow into the aircon and also help in cooling it. This helps in the cooling effect through their role in compressing the air. When this compressed air goes out, it is easy to cool it by heat exchange.

All of these functions cannot be achieved when the compressor fails. The cooling effect does not occur, and the aircon can stop working. Luckily, compressor issues have an easy fix, and you won’t need fancy equipment to solve them. But identifying the root cause and eliminating it should be your top priority. If there are any electrical issues, the compressor might fail. The solution can be challenging, and you will need professional help

Aircon Stopped Working

3. Low Refrigerant 

A refrigerant, like freon, cools the air into the aircon and helps it blow cold air. Decreased amount of refrigerant can cause the aircon to stop working in some cases. As a result of this, the room can become hot and stiff.  

Thus, you should always check the refrigerant when you face an aircon stoppage. Faults can also arise due to leakage of the refrigerant. In such cases, fix the problem quickly and replace the refrigerant amount. This checking and replacement can be challenging. Thus, we strongly recommend using a professional’s help to replace the fluid.

4. Clogging Of The Air Filter

The air filter removes dirt or debris from the air and makes it clean and safe for breathing. We recommend changing the air filter after a short time. This prevents the filter from getting clogged and hampering the airflow. 

So how does this hampering of the airflow lead to aircon stoppage? The air coils in the aircon are full of cool air that has to flow outside. If there is a clog in the air filter, this air gets trapped inside the unit. When this happens, you can expect the aircon to stop working. 

Thus, if you were wondering why my AC not turning on, you’ve got the answer. Users with some aircon knowledge can solve these problems and start the aircon again. But for many, these problems can also be difficult to deal with. They might need help figuring out what to do in such cases. Thus, we always recommend taking the help of a professional to deal with aircon-stopping issues. Professional help can cost some money, but you can expect the problem to be resolved. 


Now you know why your aircon stopped working. All of these causes stop the aircon and can cause heat on hot days. This heat can be uncomfortable for us and need extensive looking into. But what to do when your AC stops working? Some of the causes behind this problem are technical issues which can cause sudden stoppage.

These causes might also need professional help to resolve. You should always take the help of professionals in such cases and should spend the extra money. When the professionals resolve the matter in seconds, all the extra dollars are worth the expenditure. After all, nothing should come between your comfort and ease.

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