What Does An Aircon Servicing Include

Constant aircon use can wear and tear them and put them under pressure, leading to their non-function. You can avoid running into this state and the discomfort by regularly servicing the aircon. But what does aircon servicing include, and what does it mean to service the unit regularly? Many people ask this question and often need clarification about this job. 

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Today, we will answer this servicing question once and for all. After going through this article, you will have a complete idea about aircon servicing. You will know what it means to get aircon servicing and what the package includes.

What is Aircon Servicing?

Aircon servicing means regularly cleaning and inspecting the aircon for any faults or errors. Aircons are complex machines having many parts which depend on each other for normal function. These parts work together to produce the cold air we all love during the summer. With constant use, we risk overusing these parts and putting extra pressure on them. This extra pressure can lead to their malfunctioning and stopping. Aircon servicing aims to prevent this. 

Air conditioning service includes checking all these parts and the unit. We check these parts for any signs of wear and tear during this checkup. We also observe if each part performs well the function it should perform. If there are any signs of malfunction or wear and tear, we fix them during the servicing job. This extends the life of the parts and the aircon. It allows us to use it for an extended period. 

What Does An Aircon Servicing Include?

Some of the significant checks and procedures that aircon servicing includes are:

Filter Cleaning

The air filter filters out the dirt and debris from the air and sends breathable air back. If you don’t change the air filter after, you run the risk of clogging the filter. This can hamper the airflow. Aircon servicing includes checking the air filter for any clogs or blockages. During the process, the technicians also replace the filter if the clogging is too much. This allows the filter to resume its function and provide clean air.

Checking The Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air that comes into the aircon. It keeps the aircon working and blows cold air to keep the temperature low. Low refrigerant amounts can do the opposite because the air is not getting cooled down. As a result, hot air comes out of the aircon, and the room becomes hot and stiff.  

AC servicing includes checking the refrigerant for any leaks or low amounts. The technician can ensure you are not running into any warm air problems by checking the refrigerant. The technician also replaces the liquid if its amount is not up to par. 

What Does An Aircon Servicing Include

Checking Evaporator Coil 

Evaporator coils are responsible for the contact between the hot air and the refrigerant. This allows heat transfer between the inside and outside air, and the air cools down. This cool air then blows into the room to produce coolness. When there are some faults with the evaporator coils, heat transfer can not properly occur. When this occurs, the hot air can go into the room without getting cooled down. This can lead to discomfort during hot summer days. 

During the aircon servicing, we check the evaporator coil for leaks or breakages. These leaks can compromise the function of the coil. If the technician finds any such leaks during the servicing, he can fix them. This fixing returns the function back to normal. If he finds that the coil needs to be replaced, he can also replace it. This new coil performs better than the old one and allows the aircon to function properly. 

We have stressed that a technician does these functions and does all servicing work for you. This is because we want to emphasize the importance of a professional technician for this job. Air conditioner servicing includes complex jobs requiring a lot of skill and expertise. Naive hands might damage the aircon or any of its parts and might ruin the unit altogether. To prevent this, we strongly recommend not getting your hands dirty and leaving the job to technicians. 


Aircon servicing includes checking the aircon for any damages or faults and repairing them as they arise. Regular aircon servicing is crucial to prevent permanent damage to the aircon or its parts. By checking the aircon regularly, you ensure that you are not ignoring any damages or leaks. Through these checks, you prevent any wear and tear that might compromise the unit’s integrity. Thus, we strongly recommend servicing the aircon every once in a while. A little extra care goes a long way and can save your unit from extensive damage. 

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