Why Is My Aircon Condenser Leaking Water

Why Is My Aircon Condenser Leaking Water

Most of us use AirCons daily, especially in the summer. They provide us with cool air during the heat of the day. Aircons also keep us comfortable during the night. Their constant use, however, can also pose different problems to the unit. These problems can undermine the overall quality of the aircon. One of these problems is one in which we find the aircon condenser leaking water.

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This leakage of water can decrease the function of the compressor. It can also provide a suitable environment for mold to grow. This mold can pose a threat to our health. Thus, water leakage from the condenser is a severe problem. But what causes this leakage from the condenser? Today, we are going to take a look at some of these causes. If these problems are present, you can guess that water might leak.

Causes Of Aircon Condenser Leaking Water

Some of the most common causes of aircon condenser leaking water include:

1.   Broken Pump

This is one of the most common problems you will encounter with your aircon. You can detect this if you pour a sizable amount of water into the condenser. If the condenser pump can remove the water from the pan, it works fine. If there are any problems with the pump, the water can accumulate and start leaking.

Thus, improper flow of water through a broken pump causes water to leak from the condenser. If the pump cannot remove the extra water, you must take the help of a professional. They can check the pump to make sure its performance is up to par.

2.   Improper Installation

Improper installation and negligence of the installing professional can cause the condenser to leak. This leakage happens due to improper buildup of water and air pressures in the condenser. These buildups can be due to some nuts being loose. Some pipes might need to be adequately attached, which can cause these buildups.

Whenever such buildups of water, or air, occur in the condenser, they can lead to water leakage. The position of the condenser also plays a crucial role in its function. Thus, you must ensure it is placed at the right level. You should also ensure to open the vents when using the aircon. Closed vents can also lead to water buildup and leakage.

3.   Clogged Drain Hole

The aircon has a drain hole specifically built for removing excessive water. These drain holes are prone to the accumulation of debris inside them. This debris can prevent water removal from the aircon by blocking the drain hole. Water will thus accumulate in the aircon, and can start leaking from the condenser.

To prevent this leakage, ensure that the drain holes are open. You should clean these drain holes regularly to prevent any debris from accumulating. This cleaning will prevent the blockage and will keep the hole open. Thus the water will easily flow, and no leakage will occur anywhere.

Aircon Condenser Leaking Water

4.   Low Outside Temperature

Higher temperatures in the outer environment affect the evaporation of water in the aircon. When the outside temperature is high, there is excessive evaporation. This increased evaporation removes the extra water accumulating inside the aircon.

When the outside temperature is low, as in the winter season, it can prevent this evaporation. As this evaporation stops, sufficient water can not be removed from the aircon. This water can build up inside the unit, leading to leakage problems.

There is not much you can do about this accumulation, as you can not change the temperature. One thing you can do is check the aircon condenser regularly. And ensure that no buildup is there. This will prevent the aircon from leaking any water from its condenser.


We have looked at some of the causes behind the aircon condenser leaking water. Some of these are due to the environment, and we can’t do much about them. The outside temperature leading to condensation inside is one such problem. But some of the other ones are well within our control.

These include improper installation, broken pumps, and clogged drains. You must take special care to prevent these problems. This will prevent any buildup of water and any subsequent leakage. You should also take special care in servicing your aircon regularly so that no buildup occurs. Taking care in this regard can be essential in making your aircon last longer.

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