5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Fan Is Not Working And How To Fix It

Aircons are a wonderful thing, especially on summer days. We come home and want to relax in the cool rooms the aircon makes. This is why we get frustrated when an aircon fan is not working. Failed aircon fans can deprive us of cool rooms. They can also make our summers less bearable.

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Thus the aircon fans must work properly. Today, we are going to look at some reasons why the fans don’t work. We will also look at some of the ways to fix broken fans.

5 Reasons Your AC Fan Is Not Working

The reason behind the fan not working is not necessarily always a broken fan. Some other aircon parts might be malfunctioning, causing the fan to stop. Thus it is necessary to look for other problems in the aircon unit. Here are some of the issues you can have which can cause the fan to stop.

1.   Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostats keep the temperature of the room constant. They do this by turning the AC on and off, depending on the temperature. Thus, thermostats control the aircon fans to generate the heat or cold required.

When the thermostat is set to an odd temperature, the fans might stop working sometimes. What you need to do is to set the thermostat to an automatic setting. This will not stop the aircon fans at irregular intervals.

2.   Tripped Circuit Breaker

The aircon uses electricity constantly to maintain a specific temperature. The aircon circuit breaker can trip when there are sudden changes in the electricity. This tripping can stop the aircon and cause the fan to stop working. Thus, tripped circuit breakers are one of the main reasons why the aircon fans don’t work.

3.   Blocked Air Filter

The air filter cleans the incoming air of any dirt or debris. This air is then sent back into the room as clean air. The air filter is thus essential to allow proper airflow. The filter maintains the airflow through the use of fans. Blocked air filters can stop the airflow and thus can stop the fans from working. Check for blocked air filters if you notice that the AC fan is not spinning.

4.   Fan Blades Are Broken

Over a long period of use, the fans can get damaged. This damage produces an unexpected noise from the fans. The damage can also cause the fans to stop working. Thus when you notice any noise from the aircon, the fan blades might be damaged.

You can check for this damage by inspecting the fan through the grill in the aircon. If you see any loose movement of the fans or any indentation, the fans can stop working.

Why Your Aircon Fan Is Not Working

5.   Compressor Damage

The aircon compressor compresses the air to flow at high pressure. This compression is also essential to allow proper airflow and cooling in the room. Thus when the compressors are not working well, the fans can stop. Compressor blockage and damage can be why the aircon fan is not spinning.

How To Fix A Non-Functional Aircon Fan

Here are some of the solutions to a non-functional aircon fan.

  1. Check for the temperature on the thermostat, and set it to auto. The thermostat should not be set to any odd temperature. It would be best if you changed it to a more natural one.
  2. Check the aircon circuit breaker. You should make sure that the breaker is not tripped.
  3. Check the air filter, and make sure that it is working fine. Remove any blockage in the air filter. Regularly clean the filter to make sure that no dust accumulates.
  4. Check for damage to the fan blades. Make sure that they are not bent and that no noise is coming from them. Inspect their proper circular motion at different temperatures.
  5. Check the compressor for any damage or signs of stopping. Ensure that the airflow in the compressor is good.

Get the help of a professional in dealing with all of these issues. Contact a professional if you spot any damage or problem in any parts. They are trained people who can fix all problems in no time. Contact a professional If you can’t detect any problem with the aircon, but the fans are not working. They can detect the issue, and provide practical solutions to start the fans again.


Aircon fans are an essential part of the unit. They are critical to maintaining proper airflow. The temperature of the room depends exclusively on this airflow. Thus any problem with the fans can pose problems in cooling. If your aircon fan is not working, check the status of different aircon parts. These include the thermostat, the compressor, the filter, and the fan itself. If you notice any anomaly in these parts, get the help of a professional to fix it. This way, you can get back to your relaxed everyday life.

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