What Is The Dry Function Mode In Aircon

In many cases, we use the cool function in the aircon. This use is common, and we think it works for every temperature and humidity condition. But this is only the case in some temperature settings. We can use the dry function mode in aircon depending on the conditions.

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Many users need to be made aware of this mode. If the humidity of the environment is not high, we can use this feature for maximum benefit. We can also use this feature when the temperature outside is low. Today, we will talk about the dry function mode in the aircon. This will allow you to know everything about its use.

What Is The Dry Function Mode?

Many AirCons have this feature built into them. The water drop icon in the aircon panel represents the dry mode. You can activate this mode using the aircon remote. You will not feel a very different cooling effect once you turn it on. But how the aircon achieves this cooling effect will be different.

But how is this cooling effect different? In normal conditions, the aircon pulls out the hot air present in the room. It cools down this air and then fills the room with cool air. The air conditioner dry mode works by pulling off excessive moisture in the environment. This moisture or humidity is often the cause of heat. Thus when the aircon removes this excessive heat, it cools down the room.

How Is This Mode Important?

The cooling effect depends on the activity of the compressors and the fan speeds. When the aircon recycles the air, it excessively uses the compressor and the fans. It produces a cooling effect but uses a lot of energy.

Through dry mode, the aircon can decide the speeds it uses the compressor. It can also use the fan speeds on different settings. This difference is according to the amount of moisture present. If excessive heat is present in this moisture, the compressors and fans will be used sparingly.

Through the dry mode, the aircon keeps the cool air inside. It only recycles the humidity. Thus the aircon can also keep a balance in the humidity. This can benefit people who need different amounts of humid air to breathe properly.

Thus, the aircon can save energy by using compressors to the minimum. This happens only in the short term, though. This is because, with long-term use, the aircon needs to work harder to regulate the temperature. This can be counter-productive for energy saving. Thus if you were wondering, “Does dry mode in AC save electricity?” Now you know the answer.

What Is The Dry Function Mode In Aircon

When To Use Dry Mode In Aircon?

It would be best if you only used this mode in specific temperature and humidity conditions. When the temperature is too hot, you will get little benefit out of this mode. You won’t be satisfied with the aircon or the humidity too low either. This mode can only produce good cooling results with moderate temperature and humidity.

This means that you can use this mode when the day is humid. This usually occurs when there is a chance of rain. When you feel the weather is tropical and the temperature average, you can use it. This will prevent the room from getting full of moisture and help you cool the room.

You can also use this feature to heat the room and maintain its temperature. You can do this when it is raining outside and the room is chilly. The aircon will adjust the temperature to make the room comfortable. It will also keep excessive moisture out.


The dry function mode in the aircon can be helpful in many cases. It keeps the moisture out and keeps the room cool. It also keeps the cool air inside at the same time. By recycling the moisture, the aircon can regulate the humidity in the room. This allows the aircon to make breathing easier and makes the room comfortable.

Using the dry mode can also help save energy when you use it wisely. Thus, you can improve your home by using the aircon dry mode function. You can also save money by keeping your energy consumption as little as possible.


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