Repair A Mitsubishi Aircon

How To Repair A Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi Aircons are one of the best AirCons around. But they are bound to malfunction sooner or later, just like all the other electrical equipment. This breakage requires us to be prepared for the worst conditions possible.

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In this article, we will look at some of the most common problems that a Mitsubishi aircon faces. We will also discuss methods of diagnosing them and the solutions to repair the Mitsubishi aircon. 

Mitsubishi Aircon Not Heating

This problem is usually faced when you select the wrong mode or the room temperature is higher than the set temperature. Another common reason for lack of heating is aircon isn’t capable enough to heat all the room.

How To Repair Mitsubishi Aircon Not Heating Problem

  • The solution to the wrong mode problem is changing the mode from cold or dry to heat. Mitsubishi usually recommends using auto mode for this purpose. It sets the cooling and heating process automatically depending on the room temperature.
  • If your aircon isn’t capable of heating the room adequately, then the solution is different. You should pair up another aircon with it or replace it with a new one. This new unit should have enough BTUs to heat your room.

Mitsubishi Aircon Not Cooling

A dirty air filter is the major cause of less cooling problems in most cases. Other causes include dirty outdoor units, clogged air filters, low refrigerant levels, and thermistor problems.

How To Solve Not Cooling Problem

  • If the clogged air filter is causing problems, the easiest way is to replace it if it’s disposable. Otherwise, you should clean a permanent air filter properly. You can do this by removing the dirt using a power vacuum. You can also try washing it in lukewarm water, which will unclog it.
  • If the problem is low refrigerant levels, you should contact a professional to evacuate the remaining refrigerant. He will refill the liquid back to the recommended levels. It isn’t something that you should be doing on your own.
  • You can also face problems because of a thermistor that connects to the thermostat. You need to access the inner compartment of the aircon to check the thermistor. 

Mitsubishi Aircon Not Turning On

Despite switching the aircon on, sometimes it doesn’t start. Common reasons leading to this are wall outlet overload, breaker tripping, and faulty power cable.

How To Solve Aircon Not Turning On

  • A standard voltage load is kept in mind while making electric wall plugs. Plugging in too many devices using an extension will lead to an overload of that particular outlet. In case you put the aircon switch in that outlet, it will not turn on.
  • Circuit breakers trip to prevent damage to electrical appliances when there is an electric surge. Check the circuit breaker; if it’s tripped (switched down), you should gently turn it on.
  • Not a common occurrence, but a faulty power cable is sometimes the culprit. You can check it using a multimeter if you aren’t facing any of the above problems.

Mitsubishi Aircon Leaking Water Inside

An aircon leaking water inside the room isn’t something you want. The most common cause is a blocked drain line. Others are high humidity levels and a frozen evaporator coil.

How To Solve Leaking Water Inside

  • The easiest way to get rid of a blocked drain line is to clean it, which shall open it and resume the normal process.
  • While installing the drain hose, you should be careful about its position. It shouldn’t be bent or slanting upward. In case there are cracks visible in it, you should replace it immediately.
  • Evaporator coils usually become frozen when there is a problem with airflow. The ice formed keeps melting during the cooling process. This produces extra water that may overflow in the drainage pipe and overflow.

How To Repair A Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi Aircon Blinking Light

A specific fault associated with a Mitsubishi aircon is its blinking light. This can happen at various times depending on the type of fault.

How To Repair Mitsubishi Aircon Blinking Light Problem

  • Light blinking 14 times is the indicator of an out-of-order power module. This happens because there are issues with the power control board.
  • Light blinking 2 times represents an error of the outdoor heat exchange liquid pipe sensor. This is due to poorly joined connections.
  • Light blinking 6 times indicates an error in communication between indoor and outdoor units. Reasons for this problem include inconsistent power supply, defective circuit boards, and broken connection wires.
  • Light blinking 5 times shows overheating of the compressor because of low refrigerant levels. 
  • Light blinking 7 times manifests an error in the outdoor fan motor. This problem is limited only to DC motors.


All these problems are, in one way or another, related to aircon malfunction. This malfunction can ruin your summer days and can be a hassle to solve. You can try your hand at solving these problems. But we strongly recommend taking the help of professionals. You should contact an HVAC expert or a reliable electrician to repair the Mitsubishi aircon.

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